A gooshy mooshy post

But not gushy or mushy. I try not to get gushy or mushy.

We are getting back into having Family Home Evening (or abbreviated FHE, it's on Monday nights and it's a family togetherness night when we have a gospel-oriented discussion, sing a song, and EAT TREATS!). FHE with teenagers has been a bit of a challenge because of scheduling. Katie was always gone somewhere and now Jimmy works. Paul isn't in a sport right now, but when he is, he could be gone on a Monday night. And on and on. Many nights of "oops, we're too busy to have FHE" eventually turned into many months. But like I said, we are getting back on track.

Last night, Hayley was in charge of the treats for FHE, which we pointed out to her on Sunday. She said, "Can I make gooshy mooshy?"


Gooshy mooshy is a family favorite (except for Jim, who would likely rather go without a treat than eat it), and when the kids were all about 10 years younger (which would make Matt either nonexistent or only a little existent) they wanted to make it ALL THE TIME. For a couple of years, we had gooshy mooshy every week for FHE (which might explain why Jim doesn't like it).

Gooshy mooshy is basically a peanut butter based edible playdough. The kids have called it gooshy mooshy ever since first setting hand in the dough. If you want the recipe, it's 1 c. dry nonfat instant milk, 1/2 c. peanut butter, and 1/2 c. honey. Mix with your hands, roll into balls or whatever shape you want to, and chill for a bit. That's it. Easy! That's why it's such fun for the kids.

So they made gooshy mooshy yesterday afternoon. We even involved fake child, who got her own bowl to mix. Paul participated too; he is not beyond reliving his childhood. But I didn't remember the camera until he had already finished and washed his hands.

So later that night, Jimmy came home from work and we were just about to sit down for our FHE, and Jimmy asked, "Are we still gonna make gooshy mooshy?"

I replied, "The kids did it this afternoon."

"Did they make enough for everybody?"

"Yes, I told them that they will be sharing with you."

Jimmy paused.

"Can I still make my own?"

Heehee! He still wanted to make gooshy mooshy! I frankly thought he would have considered himself to old and mature to make gooshy mooshy anymore. I got out a bowl for him and he went to town (eating most of it while he was gooshing and mooshing the dough). Sadly I didn't take a picture.

But here is one of him taking a nap.He says he wasn't sleeping. I say he was.


Jen said…
Awww, that's so sweet that your kids still enjoy that family tradition. You know they will pass on the custom to their own children and so forth. I may have to start it with my own children since it seems to be a fairly easy recipe to follow and not that messy. We actually did an FHE last night, too. It's easy to get busy doing other stuff.
I think our childhood recipe was almost the same, but the name not nearly as creative: peanut butter balls. I LOVE that stuff; too bad Clark's allergic to peanuts.

And way to go on the back on track plan.
Dennis said…
Sounds like fun.
If Jimmy wasn't asleep maybe he was just checking his eyelids for holes That's what my dad used to say when we said he was asleep).
froggybaby said…
I love that stuff!!
KATIE said…
DANG! You have gooshy mooshy without me??? How could you? I miss gooshy mooshy! It's delicious!