I am hyperventilating

and I think I'm going to revisit the pizza I had for dinner.

I blame the cats.

My reasoning:
About six months after we got our little Magic and Servo (or four years ago), I developed a perpetually plugged sinus cavity.

So I went to the doctor.

The doctor said I had to lose weight because my blood pressure was too high (and then as a side note, she prescribed Nasonex for the nose problem because she said the tissues were swollen per an allergic reaction and not from a viral cold).

I cried because the doctor said I was fat.

When my prescription ran out, I resorted to sneaking whiffs of Nasonex from Matt's prescription, rather than go to the doctor again and be told things that my fragile self-image cannot handle.

When his ran out, I went to urgent care where I knew they would only deal with the problem I came in for and leave the other issues alone.

This afternoon, I got a call from my clinic.

I answered it.

I shouldn't have.

The cheerful scheduler said, "Your Nasonex prescription is being renewed. When can we schedule you for your yearly checkup?"

I made the appointment.

I have a week and a half to lose XX pounds. And lower my bp. Or I get lectured.

And then I will cry again.

I don't like crying.

Dumb cats.


froggybaby said…
Two words: Witness Protection Program
You can have some of my Naaaaasooonex (you have to say it like the Antonio Banderas bee on the commercial).
Jen said…
You don't live to far from the Canadian border. Just plan a weekend trip and go over and get all the Nasonex you need.