Hopes and Dreams

It used to be that I hoped and dreamed big things: that I would write wonderful stories or be a great teacher (when I was in 4th grade, I wanted to teach 4th grade) or be an astronomer (I loved the astronomy class in college). While I was in the one high school play, I dreamed that someday I would be an actress.

Now I just hope and dream that I'll get some exercise and a shower before noon, that I'll get dinner made in a timely fashion, that the kids won't fight with each other and I won't feel like I have to yell at them for something, and that the living room will remain fairly clean for another day. And I'm fine with that.


Jen said…
Hey, you stole all my dreams because I too wish the girls won't fight, that I can get a shower before noon, that my house will stay in some order, and that I will even have the energy to make dinner. However, only one of those dreams came true yesterday. Can you guess which one?
You got a shower? Or you made dinner?
froggybaby said…
I hoped that I would be in a rock band, the lead singer of course. Does ward choir count?
Only if your name is Twisted Sister.
Jen said…
You guessed one right. I did get a shower but not before noon, and I did end up having to cook dinner even though I wanted to sleep instead.
Your dreams are better. Still hard, but less pressure. Who cares if you don't shower? (I'm actually posting about that tomorrow.)