Listening to the voice

Jimmy has a date tonight. (heehee!) Because MN has a law that prohibits teenagers from driving after midnight, I drove him to his date's house (they are going to a midnight movie) and his date's mom is driving them to the movie--and attending the movie with them.

Tangent: According to Jimmy, AW's (Jimmy's date) mom teased them that she was going to sit in the very back and throw popcorn and scriptures at the two of them during the movie. I so wanted to do that too! I asked Jimmy several times if he wanted me there too. Guess what his answer was? Sigh. I want to be an annoying mom!

So I was driving Jimmy to AW's house using my Christmas present--the still unnamed sister of Aunt Roady. So my tomtom was sitting on the console of my van and as I turned from HWY 13 to N street, my tomtom fell on the floor and slid under my seat, face down. Jimmy tried to reach it while I was still driving, but he couldn't find it. I wasn't at a good place to stop the car to look for it, but I could hear it, so I kept driving. I tell you, it is strange to drive while listening to a voice coming from underneath the driver's seat. A muffled voice would drift up from underneath me, telling me to "Turn left. Then take the second left." Very surreal.

Guess you had to be there. Otherwise I got nuthin'. Tomorrow, Matt is the only one who has to go to school. The not-elementary schools in the district have parent/teacher conferences. And I have to attend Hayley's. Matt is indignant that he is the only one who has to go to school. I keep hearing "It's not fair!" Poor put-upon Matt. Boo-hoo.


oooooh, first date! Such fun new territory. I love that her mom went, that's great.
Jen said…
I can't believe Jimmy wouldn't want you there for his first date to document it all. You could blog about with pictures. He has no vision.

Ha ha, about Aunt Roady's sister under your seat. That would be strange, but at least you could still hear her enough to get to your destination. Don't feel bad about not naming her. We still refer to the 2nd crocheted teddy bear I made for the girls as Franklin's brother. That's how the girls refer to him, too.
Jimmy has been on a date before, just not with AW. They are planning to go to AW's prom though. That's not to say they are girlfriend/boyfriend though. Jimmy doesn't discuss things like that.

And Steph, her mom AND one of her younger sisters went along!
froggybaby said…
It always amazes me how Thelma - my navigational assistant - never becomes frustrated with me when I don't follow her commands. I wonder how she would feel stuffed under the seat!
Shantel said…
I just figured out who AW is...that is the cutest thing I have heard in a long time!!!!
I just posted on Steph's blog about that new Mexican resturant by our house. Do you want to go? Have you tried it yet? Joel loves it. We can do a girl thing or a double date or both. it's worth going to several times.
Are you talking about El Fogato or whatever that is over by Aldi's? We have been intrigued by it, Jim especially because he loves Mexican food. So you guys recommend it? I'd love to double date sometime, if only Jim had Fri and Sat nights off. :(

Yeah, I'm glad that Jimmy went out with AW (and her mom and sister!)
Shantel said…
Yeah its the one over by Aldi's on Vernon. It is very good. Joel is super picky about Mexican, but he said it matches up pretty well. Also it is not expensive - so thats a plus. We should get a bunch of us together and do a fun night out. Let me see what I can plan here......