After nearly two weeks, VOILA!
We can go back to eating at the table. Tomorrow. I have to leave it up for now so Jim can see it when he comes home from work.


froggybaby said…
Congrats on a job well completed! Here's to stick-to-it-iveness!!
And to completing it before Jimmy got home so he wouldn't have a chance to steal a piece and "find" it so he could put it in as THE LAST PIECE. I was totally afraid that he'd stolen one already just so he could be the person who finished the puzzle.
Jen said…
Hooray! Now can you sprinkle some of your magical puzzle skills onto us so that we can finish the puzzle that's been on our living room table for the past week? It's about 2/3 done, and Mimi has consistently destroyed a portion each day.
Karie said…
Congrats on finishing! Are you going to frame it?
HA! Nope. It's all ready been taken apart and put back in the box. I think next year instead of buying a new puzzle, we'll do one of the previous puzzles we've done. We have at least 10 from previous years.