Back down to four

Katie went back to Utah. Her week here was full of fun and nagging. Guess who had the fun and who did the nagging?

No, I wasn't all nagginess. The three Evans females FINALLY went to see "Twilight" (Katie had seen it before) together late Saturday night. Perhaps we were a little to talky-talky during the film, but I think I've watched too much Mystery Science Theater 3000 to not make snarky comments during any movie. My motto regarding movies is if I go in with really low expectations, I can't be disappointed and therefore my potential to enjoy the movie is actually increased. I had heard the movie definitely wasn't perfect, so I vowed to expect very little from the movie. And I had a good time. Although I really couldn't help myself after Mr. Vampire-who-wears-lip-gloss Edward said to his girlfriend/ideal snack, "You're like a drug" and I leaned over to Katie and said, "You're like Nasonex!" We had to snort our laughter into our parkas to keep from being pelted with fossilized popcorn from peeved teenage girls behind us. And we spent the walk back to the car thinking of silly prescription drugs that Bella could be like to Edward. Kate had some good ones, since she had worked in a doctor's office for two months.

Katie achieved almost all of her vacation goals: meeting up with various friends, seeing lots of family, playing the Wii, helping with the puzzle, playing duets with her flute teacher, seeing "Twilight" with me, eating cake, seeing her former employers, going to church, irritating us with her lack of appropriate footwear, and getting back into the high-flying life of cat allergies. By the end of the week, she had irritated eyes (I TRIED to get her to take the eye drops and the Claritin but she refuses to listen to me) and a runny nose. It was time for her to go back to a cat free house.

OK, enough about Katie. We were discussing chicken wings on Friday night and making jokes about how many chickens does it take to fill up a bucket of chicken wings and Matt asked, "What part of the chicken does the patty come from?" I can see his point. Chicken legs, chicken wings, chicken breast....chicken patty? heeheehee!


froggybaby said…
Chicken patty reminds me of the whole "parts is parts" lines that we always quoted. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your adulticized daughter and hope you can now enjoy this new level of friendship.
Jen said…
I'm so glad Katie enjoyed her visit and that you got to spend a whole week with her. I can't imagine what it would be like at this point to have one of my babies living on her own.

Yes, where does the chicken patty come from? One of my favorite quotes about chickens is still, "Two faces." That's what a sheltered man ordered when it was explained to him that he could any part of the chicken.