Reminding myself that I am happy

I have a case of the blahs that is threatening to turn into a full-blown woe-is-me episode. So in order to counteract it I think I need to remind myself of some of the happy things in my life. I'm trying for ten things, but we'll see if I get there without getting mushy and gushy. Cuz you know I hate that.

1. The living room has been much cleaner since I started keeping fake child's toys in the new sewing room (I wonder when I'll stop calling it "the new" sewing room?). The room is habitually much less cluttered and I'm calmer when there is less clutter.

2. I am keeping to my dinner menu plan this week. No bailouts yet!

3. I've knitted three fun dishcloths in the last week or so since the January mid-month finished up. I think I'll save them for a giveaway for my first anniversary of blogging, which is coming up in early March.

4. I am taking a mini vacation a week from tomorrow. Mom, Matt, Hayley and I are driving to visit a concerned citizen and his family in Wisconsin next Friday and we'll stay the weekend. I'm glad the Citizens live close enough to drive.

5. I love my wool socks! I had to get up in the middle of the night a few nights ago and put a pair on because I was so cold. My feet warmed right up!

6. On the one hand, this has been a long work week for me--nearly 38 hours. It's not hard, but it does wear me down. On the happy side, I'm getting paid twice as much as what I normally expect! Who doesn't like money?

7. I exercised every weekday this week and hopefully I'll do it again today.

8. Early church on Sundays so I can spend a Sunday afternoon playing Settlers of Catan with any children who happen to have all their homework done. And if no one wants to play, I get a NAP!

9. Fat free, high fiber (the box says 5 grams), 100 calorie, pretend chocolate fudgesicles from Aldi's. They are flavorless, but the texture is intriguing enough for me to want to eat more than one.

10. OK, I'll get a little gushy but don't tell anyone. I love you, Jim. You make my days brighter.

There. And I got to ten! I feel better. Time for breakfast.

11. Oatmeal without brown sugar is not so bad.


Jen said…
Good for you to find the things that make you happy to get through the blahs. I know I'm feeling the winter blahs, too, and am finding anything that annoys me right now. So maybe I should let you influence me in the positive way and do the same.
Jen said…
Forgot to mention that we're very excited for your visit, too. Any thoughts on what you'd like to do in the exciting town of Kenosha, WI?
13. People who comment!

Steph, I read your blog daily and I enjoy it very much. I should comment more often.
froggybaby said…
I'm finding that I'm in a major blah mood these days, too, and we have had warm, sunny weather. Today is rainy, but it was sunny and I was still blah. I just don't like Jan & Feb with school. It goes so slow and there is nothing to look forward to.
I'm blah because I don't have a blog! I think I need to start one up's lonely just being a stalker!
I miss your blog, Audrey!