Should, Could, Won't

Things I should probably clean, but mostly likely won't (at least today or next week or maybe ever).

1. The computer desk
2. The printer shelving unit
3. The garage (it's still suffering the aftermath of the Great Room Switch)
4. Underneath the kitchen sink. I don't go spelunking in that cupboard if I can help it. I'll gladly pay any of my children $10 to clean it out.
5. Behind the washer and dryer
6. In front of the tall bookshelf where I keep all clothes to be ironed in a messy, wrinkle-inducing pile. I want to make sure the clothes really need ironing.
7. Under my bed.
8. The headboard unit of my bed. Whole colonies of dust have evolved there, as my mother knows, since she swiped her finger on one of the Beatle figurine boxes (don't ask) on top to see just how dusty it was. She killed over 15 trillion dust mites with that one swipe of her finger...
9. Jim's side of the bedroom. Ever. I like to throw things away and he would probably have a heart attack if I ever had my way with his closet and his side of the room.
10. The storage space underneath the entryway. The only way anyone will EVER get me into that crawlspace is if I've been murdered and the murderer needs to hide my body. And even then, my dead body would put up a fight if it was being put in that creepy crawly spider-infested claustrophobia-inducing cement coffin.

This list is designed to induce guilt in me so that I will at least do SOMETHING housework-y today. Like my cleaning job, which is sweep and mop the kitchen and living room. Best go do that now, so I won't be murdered and stuffed into the crawlspace by people who have already done their cleaning job.


froggybaby said…
I laughed - I understand about the crawl space. Under mom's stairs is a place I would NEVER go. We just cleaned out under our sink due to force. The garbage disposal had broken and after 3 weeks, it wasn't draining anymore. So Trav had to replace it. In replacing it, he cleaned everything out and put it back in. My computer desk needs cleaning, too, very many bunnies of dust. Now I feel like I should at least sweep. But not until after I write bills.
froggybaby said…
PMS - I like the new show picture on your heading. Very shoe-sie
Geez, send Travis up here! Jim needs a helper. What is this with our simultaneous parallel house repair needs??? Our garbage disposal needs replacing too. And our bathroom needs a renovation (but a different kind).
Jen said…
Great, your mom checks for dust. I better get to work now then because it's going to take that long to de-dust before you guys arrive.