Don't you hate it when people make up words using "fantastic" and some other word? I do. But I still do it.

Matt had pack meeting last night. I would have gone, but fake child's mother was scheduled to pick up fake child at the same time as pack meeting started. Plus it was another long day with fake child (and I have two more this week, making the week a full-time job). Yeah, excuses, excuses. But I have promised to go to the Blue and Gold dinner. It'll be the last one I ever attend (at least as a parent). Matt will be out of Cubs in October.

Jim took the camera with him and caught Matt in Limbo.
How do his ankles survive that much rotation and stress??? Seriously, his back foot looks like it is nearly folded up against his leg!


Karie said…
Kids are made of rubber until the age of 12, at which time the rubber becomes springs. These springs calcify after the birth of the first or second child, or at the age of 40, whichever strikes first.

Moral of the story? Kids always win limbo contests, the young men have the potential to beat the old men every Turkey bowl, and students will always beat teachers in informal basketball games.

Or something like that.
At least there is Wii laser table hockey, where I have a chance against the younger folk.

I am a walking calcification, then.
Jen said…
He's one flexible monkey.