Katie's visit part 3: Random things, and some are not about Katie

1. Katie has been going to her high school band class this week. And seminary. She has actually been on time for both, which I don't think ever happened when she was SUPPOSED to be going to both. The band director doesn't mind having her there I guess, although her little brother Paul minds somewhat because one of the other horn players says really loudly, "HEY PAUL, YOUR SISTER IS HERE!" And Paul doesn't "do" extraneous attention.
2. Speaking of Paul, he got into grades 9-10 regional honor band. He is still waiting to hear about state honor band. But I didn't hear this from him, oh no. Katie texted me from band class. I have a feeling that Paul will come home from school today and I will ask him about it and he will say, "What?" even though the band director announced it in class. And Paul will have no information about it and will say, after I explain it to him, "Um, I didn't really get what Mr. K was saying. I think I have to go somewhere, but I can't remember when." So I told Katie to have Mr. K email me with the particulars.
3. And speaking of getting into things, Hayley has been invited to sign up or apply or audition or whatever for Pre-AP 7th grade math. News to me. She was in the gifted program on a trial basis in 1st and 2nd grade, but wasn't given an invitation to participate after that. So this is kind of a surprise. Now if she'd been invited to take the Pre-AP art class (Mike, you can understand my excitement for a program like this... ;) ) I would have said, Oh yeah, this is what she is good at.
4. Not speaking of any previous things, I was called upon yesterday to inconvenience myself to do a good deed for someone else. And without hesitation or malice, I said I would do it. And this morning I was rewarded for my willingness to be all charitable with my time: the helpee called and said, "Nevermind!" And out loud I said, "Are you sure you don't need my help?" but inwardly I said, "Yippee!" So do I still get points?
5. Grandma bought Katie some shoes yesterday. Katie has been going about in our MN weather with flipflops. *bangs face against wall* Katie and her disregard for actual real shoes has been a thorn in my side for as long as she has been able to refuse to tie her own shoes. I have begged, pleaded, ordered, threatened and bribed that girl to opt for weater-appropriate footwear, to no avail. But Grandma, her years of wisdom and with a little cold hard cash (or flexible plastic cash), inspired Katie to cover up her footsies with something that I think Katie will actually wear even when I'm not around to "counsel" her.
6. We are making very slow progress on the puzzle.
7. I need to exercise this morning.
8. I'm filling numbers because I like consistency (the "ten things" thing. It can never be any less than or greater than ten)

I knit the first dishcloth in the bi-monthly series of knit-alongs and it's a cute cloth with a picture of an ice skate on it.23 more to go!
10. Despite what I said earlier about resolutions, I actually have some (most of what I said in that post was for laffs. And I didn't get any. So I'll try to be less jokey from now on). And I'm failing miserably. I ate ice cream and Kit-Kats last night. I am addicted to high fructose corn syrup. I am ashamed. (Movie reference! Jenni in FL knows it, who else does?)


Dennis said…
There's nothing wrong with a little high fructose corn syrup. I have been known to take a swig right out of the bottle every now and then. It greatly satisfies some sort of need for something sweet when there is no chocolate around.
Congratulations to Paul and Hayley.
Jen said…
Wow, a busy and exciting week for your kids. Congrats to them for being individually recognized. Katie must have really loved her high school. I haven't stepped foot near my high school since I graduated XX years ago. In fact, I don't think I've even been back to that town (my parents moved to MN shortly after I graduated).
froggybaby said…
See, your kids done good. Mine get moved to the advanced math class and then get moved back down and it is ok cuz I sucked at math until a wise tutor helped me out in college. I like to blame Mumbles Morseth for my 11th grade math drop-out. I'm wracking my brain for the movie reference because I know that I know it! I have failed. First math, now this. Also, I have gotten to the point on the KAL that I know what it is. Travis guessed it, too! I love it. I'm so excited about the whole year.
JEN. You don't know the reference? I am ashamed. Of course we didn't remember the Monty Python reference that one time and had to call Jake, (It's, ah, very nice)

Jimmy got moved back down (well, he moved himself). Katie suffered 10th grade math trauma too. I have no doubt that Hayley will follow the same path. But we'll apply and see what happens.
Morgan! Yes it is! Tell your mom so that she won't be wracking her brain for several days trying to remember.