Some think witches use magic to turn people into toads.

Children's choir on Thursday evenings is back in session--starting last night. It was the first time I'd been out of the house in several days.

Last night, DM, the director, hosted a pizza party, which was a good thing because I didn't manage to put dinner on the table before we left. After the kids ate (DM and I chatted), one of the girls suggested a game to play, and it turned out to be a really funny activity. I would like to share the activity just in case you want to try this sometime.

Get a couple of books. Any book will do, but we used a children's dictionary and the Home Depot manual detailing just about any household repair job imaginable. Each kid or group of kids then opens one of the books, picks a random short paragraph, and then sings that paragraph. Hearing the children's dictionary definition of "magic" (see title of this post) sung quite operatically sent us all into giggles. So did the operatic version the definition of "drain." There was also a good one on how to lay ceramic tile. Matt started out his singing rendition of some home repair job with a couple of measures of beat boxing (a "talent" that lay hidden until now). DM and I snorted with laughter several times. All the kids participated and begged to do it one more time.

It's still cold. But life goes on and so does the furnace, thankfully. I am so glad that Jim weatherstripped the front door and the door to the garage because for years those two doors let in a lot of cold air. And I am glad that he put plastic up on the big windows in the house. The basement is much warmer this winter than it has ever been before. In previous winters, we used the fireplace nearly every day when the temp dropped below 20 degrees. But I haven't felt the need to turn it on once (that doesn't mean that other people didn't--but it's been used MUCH less frequently this year). So yay Jim!


Jen said…
That does sound like a fun game except I wouldn't ever want my turn to come. I don't think anyone would. I'm impressed that Matt had the skills (and nerve) to beatbox for his turn.

Ask Jim to tell Mike how he weatherstripped your doors because our front door really needs it. You can see the narrow window cover on the latch side of the door flutter during windy days. It's really cold if you stand by it, too. We bought weatherstripping from home depot but it was too thin and wouldn't stay. This house was so cheaply made that you can even feel cold air coming out of the moulding from around some of the windows. I don't think insulation was their first priority.

The girls are home again today.
Karie said…
That game is too awesome! I read about it in Fairest, by Gail Carson Levine, just a few days ago. What a strange coincidence.