Return of the Katie and another lost item

She's back! We took her on a tour of the new room situation and she was duly impressed with the change.

Jen, I showed her the book and she loves it!

Pictures will be forthcoming, I'm sure.

We indulged in a little Wii bowling after sending the rest of the kids to bed and as I sat on the couch, I noticed that it felt really low. So I pulled off the couch cushions and sure enough, THE COUCH IS BROKEN. Our wonderful microsuede, ultra comfy couch has a broken back beam. It's not just cracked, it's BROKEN, as in jagged points rip the flesh and give you slivers of screaming pain if you stick your hand back there. We just can't have nice things! (that's a quote from my favorite TV show, not me being angry, although I am angry. But nobody likes it when I am anything but happy funny pink and bubbly on my blog. But I am fairly sure that anybody would be angry if their favorite couch--the most expensive thing in the house, even more expensive than this computer--BROKE). On the up side (because I know you all don't want to hear about the bad things that happen) I FOUND THE OTHER PHONE! I thought Batmanuel was lost (yes, I named the phones. The other black handset is Queenie) for months. When we did the Great Room Switch, I though for sure we'd find Batmanuel and I was very sad when we didn't. But I reached down into the couch to investigate the cause of the low-rider couch, and my hand discovered the little lost handset! What rejoicing there was upon the return of the prodigal phone! So out of the black ashes of ruined furniture comes the happy ending of a found phone.


I'll post more about Katie when we actually do stuff with her. She got here at 10 p.m. so it was too late to do anything but show her around, bring in her stuff, play a round of bowling, and annoy the cats. How Katie loves to torment Servo and Magic. Especially Magic.


Jessie said…
Will you be able to get the couch fixed?? That kind of stuff always happens. And what show is the "we just can't have nice things" from? I swear I've heard that before and it's driving me nuts.

Have much fun with Katie!
It's one of my favorite quotes from an MST3K episode. Pearl sends a couch to the Satellite and Mike and the bots commenced jumping on it and spilling juice on it. Pearl says, "Oh, we can't have nice things!"

Other shows might have similar lines but that's where I know it from.

And will do! She's coming grocery shopping with me today! What fun!
Karie said…
I hope you can get the couch fixed! We've broken a couch too, but it was old and well-used.... Oh, and we flopped on it all the time too.

And yay for prodigals returning!
froggybaby said…
So glad Katie made it home and that she likes me book. Sorry about your broken couch. That is a major bummer. You could always use a stack of books.
Jen said…
Sounds like you've been cursed with the broken couch syndrome, too. Did you guys buy the (useless) extended warranty on it? I hope you figure something out for it because it's a nice couch/sectional.

I'm glad Katie made it home safely and that she's enjoying her stay.