In which I survive a trip to see the doctor.

I had a checkup today.

Good news: blood pressure is significantly lower than when I saw the doctor four years ago.

Bad news: She says I still have to lose weight. What does she want from me??? I just can't please my physician!

At least I didn't cry this time. People who know me know that I have a very sensitive and fickle waterworks trigger. But I kept it under control this time and I didn't smear my light slathering of eye makeup on the hideous hospital gown. And I didn't relieve them of the every last tissue in the room to blow a drippy nose.

The doctor asked me if I had tried a gym membership. I told her that I had but I gained weight over the year that I was a member and then quit. I said I could jolly well gain weight at home without having to pay for it. She chuckled.

All is quiet on the kid front. No concerts, no athletic events, no ceremonies to attend. I feel at a loss for blogging material because of the lack of children's activities. And the Great Room Switch is done. I could blog about the inauguration, but I'm not watching it. I should actually turn in on though. I really should pay more attention to political events like this. Jim did record some stuff yesterday, but mostly because U2 were playing. He likes watching events like these because the music is pretty good.


Dennis said…
You inherited your over sensetive waterworks from your father who inherited them from his father. I don't cry at the Dr but I do in church even when singing certain hymns or listening to some talks. Didn't watch the inauguration either.
I'm glad your bp is down, I know it's a struggle. I too battle with high bp (as well as a host of other problems).
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Well, that may be, but I don't cry at church (singing or listening) unless I've been told that I've done something wrong or I think that I have done something wrong. I cry when I get frustrated or when I am faced with criticism or if I think that someone is making fun of me.
And I did watch the inauguration after all and I enjoyed seeing Obama sworn in.
Jen said…
Sounds like you had a good dr. visit. I always dread the doctor, too, especially when they have to go searching around. When I went in last week I thought it was just to discuss my test results from the previous week. Little did I know that he would want to put on those rubber gloves and do some exploring. I was not prepared.