Little boys

It's retro picture blog post day.

One day before school, Jimmy was goofing around as usual. He really was a tough kid to get to school in those early years. (Now he does just fine by himself. He gets himself to seminary and does not have to be persuaded, begged, bribed, or threatened to go).

So this one day, Jimmy decided to have fun with Matt. Matt really wanted to go to school too and they decided that Matt would just hop in Jimmy's backpack and go with him.And as you see, Matt fit quite well at the time. He really wanted to go to school. I couldn't yell at Jimmy much that day for goofing around.

Here is one of my favorite childhood (not mine but Paul's) characters ever. Buckethead. Paul wore this around for several weeks when he was about 18 months old.

Awwww. I miss my little boys.


Jen said…
They grow up so fast, don't they? Boy, your boys were sure cute when they were littlins. Of course, they are all handsome young fellows today.

Speaking of growing up too fast, Annie asked me how old she has to be to have a boyfriend?!??!?!?!? Talk about a mother freakin' out.
Tell her she can't have a boyfriend until she's married.
Marissa said…
Wow. Owen looks a lot like Paul. I suppose that would make sense since you all say Paul looks like Dave!
I thought that same thing about the buckethead picture--that there is a lot of Owen in it.