List of Stills

This is in no way a complaint of things not getting done. It is just a list of facts. It is what is.

1. The couch is still broken. I don't want anyone sitting on it, but they do anyway.
2. The puzzle is still not done. But Jim and I worked on it last night and we are getting closer to being able to use the dinner table again as an actual dining surface.
3. My sewing machines are still not set up in the sewing room, but I'm claiming Katie's visit as an excuse. She used that room as a basecamp, although she did not sleep in it.
4. I'm still not down to my target weight for my doctor's appointment.
5. A book I purchased with a Christmas gift card is still only half read. I do plan to finish it.
6. I still haven't eaten breakfast this morning. Time's a-wastin'.
7. A Halloween pillow is still on the floor in my bedroom. But Katie's T-shirt has been returned to its owner, so progress has been made there.
8. The half wall is still dusty from lack of care during the holidays. I'm hoping that Servo's predilection for lying on that wall will take care of the dust.
9. Jimmy's shaved eyebrow picture is still on the desk. He did take it to school, and the right people were impressed. I'll let it sit here on the desk a little longer so I can remember that smily, dimply, hugable yet stubborn little imp.
10. We still haven't learned to pick up after ourselves. Oh well.


Mike said…
Your list of stills reads like a job list. I have started giving job lists to myself. I havent had the courage to give one to Jenny for fear that she would kill me.
Legally, you can only give job lists to your children. If Jim gave me a job list he would end up sleeping on the broken couch. With no blankets. And lots of dust bunnies and clumps of cat hair to keep him company. And I would never give him a job list. He does lots of stuff without me having to tell him or ask him to do it.

I only included the first one (the only one that could possibly apply to anyone other than me) because Jim said he could and would fix it and because THE KIDS KEEP SITTING ON IT WHEN I TOLD THEM NOT TO.

Jen said…
I'm glad Mike is well aware of his fate should he ever present me with a job list. I don't give Mike job lists either, but I do throw a task at him regularly which irks him a LOT. Those pesky kids of yours. Don't they realize if they keep sitting on the broken part of the couch then it may get to a point where it can't be repaired?!?