I learn something new every day

But sometimes the things that I learn, I'd rather NOT learn. And I think Matt probably feels the same way.

This morning we each learned something new.

Matt learned not to put a bag of frozen bread (bag and twist-tie included) in the microwave. As subset issues, he learned:
1) to look harder around the kitchen for already thawed out bread
2) that if he absolutely has to thaw bread out in the microwave to take a couple slices out of the bag
3) not to put twist-ties in the microwave because they will start on fire
4) that he is capable of putting out a small microwave fire by himself.

I learned:
1) that I really need a bathrobe so that when my son wakes me up with the phrase "Mom, um, there is a fire in the microwave" I can jump up and attend to it right away
2) that it is possible to not yell at a child for something that was really an accident and thankfully did no damage.

Actually, the last one was more of a reminder because I already know that yelling does not help when it really was an accident. He truly did not realize that the metal in the twist-tie would start a fire.

It was a very small fire, I believe. I didn't see it because Matt had doused the fire with a cup of water (guess who mopped up all the water? Not Matt) before I was able to stumble out of my room dressed appropriately for parenting and for putting out of small fires. If you looked into my microwave, you wouldn't be able to even tell there was a fire, unless I pointed out the small scorch mark and the sooty spot on the top. The plastic bag melted a little and we only lost one piece of bread besides the heel, and not because it was literally toast, but because it had some plastic on it.

All's well that ends without fire damage.


froggybaby said…
WOW. What an event to wake up to. At that point, it is time to go back to bed since you already had enough excitement for one day!
Jen said…
So the surprises dont stop as they get older? I was kind of hoping that once my kids got older I wouldnt be getting summoned for that kind of thing. I guess the older they are the more damage they can do. This morning the girls asked for "the cereal with the rabbit on it", I didnt know what they were wanting... evidently Jenny had bought a box of Trix and the girls sensed it was in the house. I was given directions to where this box was and numerous promises of 'being good today' in exchange for one bowl each. Milk was gone so they ate it with half and half. I bet it tasted good.
Of all people, CC, you should and would know that the surprises don't stop when they get older. THIS fire was an accident. How many of yours were? ;)

Kids have great bloodhound abilities when it comes to sugary food, don't they?
Jen said…
Ack! This means I won't be able to sleep once the girls learn how to use the microwave. Wait a second. Annie does know how to use the microwave. That means I'll never sleep again. Thank goodness you were home and didn't come home to a burnt down house.