Katie's visit part 1: It's mostly about food and Katie's birthday

I spent most of the day with Katie yesterday. She helped me shop for groceries, mostly by saying, "Mom! Get me some bacon! Mom, can we have fish sticks?" and repeating that she can't wait to have an actual real meal. Single people eat out of boxes over the sink, I guess.

Then after the shopping, Katie wanted her hair cut. This is before.This is after.
In the afternoon, I made all the kids who were still at home, everyone but Jimmy who had to work, help me with food prep for a family gathering at my mom's. I was hosting, but Mom has more room at her house, so she was nice enough to let us meet there instead of at my house. The gathering was mostly so Katie could see family, but I brought a couple of cakes to celebrate her birthday, and anyone else's who wanted to be remembered.

This is the kids' table. Someone chose to break the "kids only" rule, though.Mom just has to be a rebel and a rule breaker.

Way back at Thanksgiving, I noticed that whenever I bring my camera to family gatherings, I miss getting Stephanie in any of my pictures. So I stalked the elusive in-law and finally caught her on camera.
Steph, thanks for being a good sport about me taking a picture of you.

The younger kids played with duplo blocks for most of the non-eating phase of the gathering.

Today is Katie's 19th birthday. As per usual with birthday posts, I'll have to show off some pictures of her from her younger years. Hold on a moment while I go dig some up. You may putter around the room while I'm off picture hunting. Or get yourself a snack. I promise I'll be right back.

OK, I'm back.

Pictures of the birthday girl:

A few months old

A few months older
At age three and wearing one of my favorite little girl dresses Happy birthday to our grown up daughter who is living on her own, being responsible for herself, and enjoying it.


froggybaby said…
Great to see Katie pictures. Her haircut is so nice. I'd never attempt that! I cut Morgie's bangs once and it was disastrous. Trav asked that I not do that again. Also, nice to see Steph up there!
Jen said…
It looks like you guys had fun at your ma's house for dinner. Wish we could've been there. Katie's hair looks beautiful. I really like that style on her. Katie was such a cutie as a baby/little girl. Of course, she looks just like my Annie as a baby:) Happy B-day, KATIE!
Yeah, I've always thought that Annie looks a lot like Katie did when she was little.

Froggy, I have a feeling that I'll be cutting hair for years. I tried to get Katie to go to a stylist and I've even suggested it to Jimmy too, but they will have none of it. They only want MOMMY to cut their hair. *bangs head on counter* Apparently I have NOTHING BETTER TO DO.