Do I have to?

Sadly, I have to talk about the weather. Yes, it is cold. My little google reader app that tells me the temp says that right now at 8:45 a.m., the temperature outside is -25. Windchill is supposedly subtracting another 15 degrees.

It is cold enough so that the schools are two hours late starting today. The kids are pleased about that. Paul used his extra hours to sleep and play a few minutes of Wii. Jimmy did homework that he left for today (we knew about the late start last night). Hayley and Matt slept in a little bit. And fake child will be late getting here because her dad's car won't start.

It's a hot chocolate day. It's soup day. It's warm wooly socks day. A fuzzy sweater day. A curl up on the couch with a tattered quilt and a piece of escapist fiction day. A use the cats as foot warmers day. A go nowhere day. A leave the mail in the mailbox until tomorrow day.

Keep warm, all you upper Midwesterners! And everybody else, enjoy above zero temps for me please! Where are Hawaii and Mexico when you need them?


Karie said…
40 below? Now that's cold! Though the Montanan in me (I was born there lo these many years ago) says "Forty below? Shucks. I reckon I've seen colder. That there soup sounds mighty nice." Then the Arizonan in me comes out and beats the Montanan with a stick.

That was rather tangential. Anyway, the soup and the hot chocolate and the reading on the couch under a quilt sound heavenly! We've got a 1/4 inch of snow here and school's closed (I'm visiting in Arkansas). Perhaps I can talk everyone into such things to celebrate the day. I hope you enjoy yours!
Jen said…
It looks like we're having the same day as you except that Annie's school is completely closed for the day. A lot of things around town have already been cancelled, too, such as the Stake Priesthood Conference tonight. Mike is kind of glad about that because now he'll be able to watch the Burn Notice season premiere tonight. I'm not exactly thrilled to have the girls home all day though because it means I actually have to come up with lots of activities to keep them busy. I can't just do as you and read fiction and drink hot cocoa. Wanna trade for the day?
Dennis said…
My schools were NOT cancelled nor late, so at 6:00am I got into my frozen car to drive to the terminal and start my frozen bus to make my rounds picking up my children. Fortunately for them they do not have to wait outside for their bus because I pick them up at their individual homes and they only come outside when I arrive.
My bus never did completely warm up and then at the end of my route I had to stand out in the cold to fill my gas tank (the bus tank).
Last week mom said it was so cold there in Yuba that there was frost on the grass (what's grass?)

Yea for Burn Notice.
Jen said…
Well, the Burn Notice gods managed to contact me today to let me know that the new season doesn't start until next Thursday (even though they've been advertising for weeks that it was happening this Thursday). The funny way I found out is that there was a banner on top of my email window advertising for Burn Notice, and it said clearly "New Episodes Jan 22". Mike is really going to be bummed. He loves that show.
froggybaby said…
And people here are wearing parkas and hats and all that. Give to me large break. I talked Minnesota Twins today with a kid in my class who is a big baseball fan. We had to google the two world series so I could show him people and he was impressed with my baseball knowledge. I even showed him Dan Gladden pictures!
Dennis said…
I searched and searched for Burn Notice last night and couldn't find it then a commercial for same came on and I was much releived that I didn't miss it until I remembered that I have a board of directors meeting that night.