A visitor from the Golden State

I failed yesterday in my attempt to have a non-blogworthy day. (I wasn't really trying to have a non-blogworthy day yesterday, but it's been a dry month for ideas or events)

We had a visitor! He wasn't totally unexpected, but we weren't sure if he was close enough to stop by. But he was! Jim's brother-in-law, Will, had a truck route up here and was in Inver Grove Heights, which is a hop-skip-and-a-15-minute drive from here. Will is a truck driver and has only recently had loads that brought him here to the Upper Midwest from California.

Will and Jim met at church (youth activity night at church) and then Jim brought Will back home for a quick chat and to show him around the house. It was wonderful to see him--it's been quite a while since we've seen Will--nearly 10 years, Tammy and I were thinking. We saw Tammy and some of the kids last summer in Durango, but Will was trucking and couldn't make it.

Tammy (Jim's sister and Will's wife) hasn't ever been here before--in fact only Jim's dad and Uncle Art have ever been to our house before--but hopefully Will will get another Minnesota delivery in the summer time and bring Tammy with him.

After the visit at our house, Jim took Will back to church with him (Will had parked the truck there) and gave Jimmy a bit of surprise. Jimmy got to church after Jim left with Will (Jimmy had been working) and when they got back, Jimmy did kind of a double take when he saw his Uncle Will and said, "Hey, what are you doing here?" Jimmy said that Paul told him that Uncle Will had come but that Jimmy didn't believe him.

The visit was so quick though that I completely forgot the camera. So Will needs to visit again soon and he has to bring some family with him.


Jen said…
Sounds like fun, even if it was a short visit. It's always enjoyable to get visitors who are passing through. That happened to us a lot in D.C. but only once here so far (my dad was in Chicago one night and we met up with him).

And don't feel bad about not having anything blogworthy to write about. I think you're doing a fine job. Much better (and a lot more often) than me.
Ashley said…
Hi, Sara! It's your sister-in-law, Ashley. :)

Just thought I'd mention I think you last saw Wil at our wedding in October 2006.

We were so happy you were able to come, by the way. Think it's the last time we've seen you two.

Lots of love!
Hi Ashley! You're right, we did! How could that have slipped my mind? It did seem like we'd seen him more recently than 10 years.

Jim and I really need to make a trip out to see all of you in CA.