If the van is a-rockin'...

...please reach in and save my sanity by dragging me out because it's Matt and Hayley spazzing out and giving themselves asthma attacks. Seriously, those two get extremely hyperactive in the car. Not only does Hayley insist on listening to music while driving somewhere (even just across the street), but she and Matt have to act out the music with wild gesticulation and "MOM WATCH THIS!!!" Hayley thinks Matt's odd facial expressions while he dances in his seat are hilarious and as a result she dissolves into a tornado of giggles that leave her short of breath. And Matt laughs at her laughter and laughs himself into a coughing fit. Last night's drive to children's choir was the noisiest 20 minutes I've experienced since the Who concert Jim and I went to a few years ago. My ears are still buzzing. And the van sure got a workout from all their physicality. If I try to quiet them down, they laugh even more because "Mom says that so funny!" Sigh. I think sometimes my name might be Rodney Dangerfield.

ANYWAY, because I have nothing else to write about, here is a list of things I have enjoyed recently or will enjoy in the near future.

1. blogging
2. "Bleak House" on DVD. It's got Gillian Anderson and some wicked awesome British accents. It was a BBC-produced show, I believe, and it's got some sci-fi-ish editing and music moments. Tulkinghorn is deliciously evil and Guppy is beguilingly repellent. And Jarndyce is heroically kind, without him the movie would be bleak indeed. I spend all day after watching an episode saying "Jarndyce" in my head with a British accent--"John-dice. John-dice. John-dice"
3. Lunch with Marissa.
4. Telling my mother about Jimmy's propensity to save money. He's almost Scrooge-y about it.
5. Relief at the resolution (hopefully) of a major worry
6. Shrimp with broccoli and cream cheese wontons from Superdragon
7. Getting my sewing machine back from the friend who borrowed it. I seriously felt like my arm was missing.
8. a bowlful of oatmeal....I'm hungry. Time for breakfast.


Jake said…
Hi Sara, thought I'd be the first to post to your daily spot here. I haven't in a while. I have been reading, just not responding. Don't know if brother Mike sent you an email of the "Ukrainian Ice Bath". If not, let me know, you need to have it.I've been spreading its joy at work receiving comments like, "top five email ever" and this comes from people that prefer blood, guts, gore, etc to make things funny. The best part is that it gets funnier each time you watch it. Let me know.

If you need help processing or just getting rid of apples, I can help if you desire. Oops, kids are awakening, I better go upstairs before they get scared no one is home. Plus, it's snowing at our house right now (and it's sticking to the ground for now).
Yes, please to send. I have not received it yet. (said like Stephen Root would say "I have not yet received my paycheck" or whatever the line is)

Yeah, the snow stuck here too. Katie said snow stuck at her house a few days ago.

I'd love help processing apples. I have a big popcorn bowl full still. Give me a ringy-dingy.
katie said…
we still have snow from wednesday...
froggybaby said…
I was going to comment about if the van is a-rockin', don't come a-knockin', but that would be inappropriate. Send me the Ukranian Ice Bath stuff, also. Enjoy the snow. Wish I was there.
Jen said…
Yes, you must view the Ukrainian Ice Bath. I think Mike has viewed it about a 1000 times on this computer alone. I caught him watching it again by himself a couple of nights ago. So weird.

My girls are quite loud and giggly in the van, too. After reading your experience, it sounds like there's no remedy to "cure" it.