Ten Things I am Thankful for other than the things I've already mentioned

1. I am thankful for cold weather. People complain about it, but I like it. I like piling on the blankets at night. I would have the windows cracked open a little at night in all temps except the below zeroes, just so I could sleep under 100 pounds of quilts. Yes, I get cold, and I want to warm up when I'm cold, but I don't complain about it. I like cold weather. I hate hot weather. Summer is my least favorite season.
2. I am thankful for photographs. I am surrounded by thousands of them at the moment. Someday I will convert them all to jpeg files so they will be more permanent. I enjoy reliving old times, seeing just how thin I was, seeing how little the kids used to be, remembering old wallpaper or old houses.
3. I am actually thankful for my cats, the little selfish fur factories. They shed, they demand food, they act like they own the place, but I know at night when I need a little cuddle, I can get either one of them to sit on my chest if I pull up my yellow and blue quilt. Usually it will be Servo who jumps up, but Magic has done it before. Anyway, I pet my kitty and although I have to yell at him to get his tail, kitty butt, or head out of my face, I get a certain calmness from petting my kitty (and I get a stuffed up nose and itchy eyes. Can't beat that... and which leads me to my next thankful thing:)
4. I am thankful for doctoring. I am grateful for the knowledge and understanding doctors have of asthma and how to treat it, otherwise, I might not have a Hayley. And for the knowledge and understanding of allergic reactions, pregnancy, head injuries, flu, rashes, broken bones, sprained muscles, crushed fingers, and everything else we have been to the doctor for.
5. I am thankful for hobbies, like reading, knitting, stamping, that make life fun.
6. I am thankful for getting over things. Yes, I can be hurt and offended, but if I give myself a little time, I'll get over it. In the words of a friend of mine, eventually, "it's all good." And I hope people do the same for me. I'm still amazed at the getting-over-it I and a few others did recently. Life is better when a dark area in one's life is made light.
7. I am thankful for soup. I like soup. I have used up many leftover veggies to make soup. Soup is a great blanket for the innards on a cold day. Some notable favorites: split pea, taco, chicken and black bean, minestrone, and the freezer dump soup I make with whatever I find in the ice box.
8. I am grateful for texting/cell phones so that children living far away from me can still seem like they are close by.
9. I am grateful for games. I bond over board games. I love Trivial Pursuit, Boggle, Settlers of Catan, Scrabble, Monopoly, Life, Sorry, Apples to Apples, and even Candyland. I especially love playing with all my kids. Everyone seems to have a good time and the mild trash talk causes much laughter (which I am also thankful for).
10. I am glad for blogging which allows me to have an excuse to write lists of ten things like this.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Jessie said…
I'm thankful too :)
froggybaby said…
I'm thankful for your thankful list. It was very nice and I second you on many things. I'm thankful you are my sister and best friend.