Birthday recap

Jim's birthday passed peacefully. He got his requested dinner: potato chip casserole, which we hadn't had for a while, in fact we hadn't had it in so long that Matt didn't remember it.

Matt wanted to decorate Jim's cake, and I let him because I was glad for the opportunity to let someone else take over the job. Matt's idea for the cake is based on the Apple Records logo (the name of the Beatles' record company, not the Steve Jobs Computer company). So that is a green apple in the middle of the cake. Matt enjoyed decorating and I enjoyed sitting on the couch while he did it. I like the Jim (Dad) part.

Matt decorated so Hayley got to play with the fire.

Here, Jim allows us (barely) to sing to him.
And we wanted to have some family fun so we got out our favorite game, Settlers of Catan. Jimmy couldn't participate (too much homework), but the rest of us had a good time. You can see that Jim is on the phone--birthdays mean the phone rings a lot. Here he is talking to his mother and they are discussing "what are the odds of us both making potato chip casserole for dinner on the SAME DAY???"
Paul only sort of plays Settlers of Catan. Mostly he plays with the little wooden block game pieces and makes elaborate figures. Quite often during the game we had to remind him to pay attention. Next time we play, I'm going to hold his pieces for him so he will give his full attention to the game in progress. He'll have to ask to use his villages, roads and cities.

Here Paul tries to prove that he is mean and tough. Convincing? You decide!


Happy Birthday Jim. I love that you let Matt do the cake. And that game makes my brain hurt.
Jim said…
Thanks! Good job, Matt! I had a nice relaxing birthday and even got to watch Cars. Boy does that picture make me look old. I guess I am.
Jen said…
Happy Birthday, Jim (Dad)! Glad you enjoyed it. I've never played that game, maybe you'll have to pull it out when we/you visit next. Matt did a great job on the cake. Looks like he has Uncle Mike's talent.
froggybaby said…
The cake was great, Matt. I like how he specified who's birthday it was, otherwise there might have been confusion. Jim looks great, except the part where everyone was singing to him. Paul looks like a Talberg!!! WOW!! Looks like you had a great night. Glad for that.