One year away from being a teenager

My little Cheeky is now 12. Last night she had a birthday party (I'll get to that later) and as we were walking one of the girls home, Hayley noticed that she had accidentally brought a stuffed animal with her; she had brought Bun bun along.

She got Bun bun from Uncle Mike and Aunt Jen, pictured below with Hayley on her first birthday (when she got Bun bun).

She still loves Bun bun, and despite the allergy doctor telling her NOT to sleep with stuffed animals, she still does. I thought it appropriate that on her 12th birthday, we post a picture of her with Bun bun. Thanks Uncle Mike and Aunt Jen for a present that has been with Hayley for many years (mostly because he is washable)!
Here are some party highlights. This girl, R, loved the bags and the tissue paper.
Hayley blows out the candles.
And all the girls decided to eat the cake with no forks. Sigh. I had to mop the floor later. We played Werewolves of Miller's Hollow for the last hour of the party and the girls LOVED it. They begged for game after game; it's quite addicting. Our Werewolves of Miller's Hollow cards are getting quite worn. Sadly I didn't get any photos of the game, but I was busy moderating. And moderating 8 12-year-olds is no easy feat. They were squealing and yelling and lolling all over each other. Between every other word of moderation I had to shush them. Oh well, they had fun, and Hayley was glad that the other girls liked the game. I think she was a little nervous that the girls might not like her suggestion.

One more thing about the party: The girls LOVED badgering Paul. Paul was the only other Evans child at home (Jimmy was working and Matt was at a friend's house. Even Jim wasn't home--he had to deliver our pizzas for the party) and what 12-year-old girl doesn't want to shower attention on the friend's older brother? When they came upstairs for cake, they all surrounded Paul, who was sprawled out on the couch watching a DVD. He tried his best to ignore them (using sound reducing earphones for the DVD) but they wouldn't leave him alone until he acknowledged each and every one of them with a wave. He made the mistake of going downstairs while they were partying on the Wii, and he nearly ran back upstairs. He said to me, "I am NOT going down there again during the party." The squeals probably could be heard several blocks away. Poor Paul. (not)

Anyway, the party is over and I am glad. Glad that the party is over, glad that everyone had a good time, glad that Hayley enjoyed it, and glad that everyone liked Werewolves. And I'm glad I have Hayley. She's my sweet little girl.

Today we will celebrate with just us, with Hayley's birthday dinner--hot dogs, waffle fries, broccoli and juice. Monday we will take her out for her birthday dinner at a restaurant--Famous Dave's. When I bought Dad a gift card to Famous Dave's for Christmas, I took Hayley along and she REALLY liked how the place smelled. So now she wants to go there to taste what smelled so good.

Happy birthday Hayley!


Jen said…
Happy Birthday, Hayley! I can't believe you still have Bun bun after all these years. We are very pleased to know that we actually got a gift for someone that they really loved:)

Sounds like you had a lot of fun at your party. Talking about bothering Paul reminds me of the Brady Brunch for some reason.
froggybaby said…
Happy Birthday Hayley!! We sure loved having her out here last summer. It was a great opportunity to have her here for so long. She is a very nice young lady (officially a "young woman")!! I'm glad the party went well and the house and you survived. Werewolves is a great game, too, thank you for introducing us.

Poor Paul. But maybe he deserved a fraction of it!!
Shantel said…
Thank you for the party Sarah. Brooklyn had a blast. All she could talk about was that game. I need to get a set of the cards. Awesome MOM!!!!