Drum roll please....

Who won the random drawing for a random prize package worth several cents???


Karie gets some dishcloths I knitted!

(Karie, email me your new address so I can send you your loot!)

Thank you all for playing "Pat the Princess on the back for her blogging stamina." Next milestone: 10,000th hit! Who will it be??? And will there be a prize for that? Stay tuned...


OK, I promised a picture of Matt and his bridge, but Matt has declared that he HATES his bridge (not enough toothpicks) and he refuses to have his picture taken with it. *major irritated exhalation of breath from Matt's mother* So I can't take a picture of the bridge and its architect. I'll have to sneak a picture of the bridge by itself tomorrow morning.

And here is a sneak peak of a not-surprise for a soon-to-be birthday girl:
Anybody wanna guess what it is? And who it's for? And if I was pretty much strong-armed into making it? (no prize awarded for your guesses)


froggybaby said…
Hayley, turning 12? I like the dishcloths. Are they used or new?
Oh, they're new.

And no, the present is not for Hayley.
Karie said…
I won! How cool. I never win anything.

Well, I guess I can't say that any more. Thank you! An email will be headed in your direction shortly.

As for the mystery photo, it looks like a ruffled skirt or an apron, and I'm guessing you made it for Katie.
Jen said…
Congrats, Karie, for winning some highly coveted dishcloths. I think the birthday girl may be your mother, and it looks to be some sort of quilty thing. Am I even close?

verification: consusto
Karie is right about what it is (the second guess) and Jen is right about who it's for.

My mother made me make her a present.