Finally I'm at a computer today

I have just a few pictures to share. Here is Jen being all surprised that we showed up at her house unannounced.

This morning Jenni had to go to work but I know she totally didn't want to because WE were visiting. But alas, she had to work. So Mom, Matt and I "had" to take a walk to keep ourselves busy.
Matt has a list of things that he wants to see while he's out here in Florida and we were able to check off most of the things on the list.
Matt LOVED the lizards. He saw several.

Matt saw a sign that intrigued him. This is the sign and that is Matt in the distance, ignoring the advice. He REALLY wanted to see a 'gator.

We didn't see one 'gater, we saw TWO! Here is one of them. Keep in mind, this gator is not behind any fence. There is nothing but water and a bit of fire ant infested ground between it and us. Fortunately, we must not have looked too much like gator-chow at the moment.

Tonight we go out to dinner with the Smiths.

It's in the low 70s and sunny! Florida is so nice during Sprink Break!


Dennis said…
I love surprises but only if I'm the one doing the surprising.
MN weather is the pits right now and I envy you being in the warmth.
How nice to have seen some 'gators. I'm really glad Matt got to go and that he saw some 'gators.
Jake said…
Sara, 'tis wicked awesome that Matt could go wit' you's guys to FL. Jenni looks genuinely surprised in the picture. S'pose I would be, too. What are some other things that Matt has on his list? Tell Jen Happy Birthday for me, I'm trying to do so in as many technical formats as I can.
Marissa said…
I almost blew your surprise a couple of times, your mom told me you two were going but she never said it was a surprise. However, I figured it out between your blogs and facebook that Jenni didn't know, and kept my mouth shut. I hope you all have a great time.
Jim said…
I like the pictures. Glad you're all having a good time. Today in MN I saw snow flakes and some Canadian Geese. Aren't you jealous?
Jen said…
Kewl pics, but I'm glad I don't have to live with all those creatures anymore. The lizards didn't bother me, but the flying roaches sure did. Ish!