After months and months of exercising in the tiny floor space in front of the TV, trying to keep up with several Barbies with b00b jobs who bounce around way too fast for me so I end up MARCHING IN PLACE for half an hour, I got out of the house for a walk. The weather was finally warm enough so that I didn't have to worry about windburning my cheeks or wearing mittens. I still had to wear the parka, mostly for the several square acres of pockets, which held my iPod, cell phone, chapstick, mittens (JUST IN CASE), a water bottle, and several pounds of Kleenex because I have a runny nose and going outside in melty-snow weather makes it even runnier. I wish I could run as fast as my nose, then maybe I could burn enough calories to lose some weight.

My new camera came with me on my walk. Too bad the cloudy sky made everything look miserable. Late winter is the worst picture-taking time of year because the snow is dirty, the melting exposes months of garbage that has not been picked up, and the sky is usually gray. But I took a few pictures anyway while listening to Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, and assorted other long-established musical artists on my iPod.

That's all for now. I'm exercising inside today and you don't want to see pictures of that.


froggybaby said…
COOL pictures. Very cool.
Jen said…
What a nice time you must have had. It's great that you can find the motivation to get out there in that cold, cold world. Glad you're liking your new camera.