Some blogs do a "Wordless Wednesday" photo essay, but I can't go without yakking in print

I got a new camera. I saved my pennies (I call it embezzling from myself) and purchased a camera that will be able to handle capturing Paul running track and has better zooming capabilities. My old camera is a decent camera overall, but it didn't zoom very far (which is bad for band parents who sit far away) and it couldn't deal with action shots. There was a huge delay between pressing the "ignition" and the shutter actually opening. I really want to get some good shots of Paul running track this year and cross country next year. I gave my old camera to him, too, since he is next in line for a camera.

Of course when one gets a new camera, one must play with it. Here is a sample of the playing:

Tom Servo Kitty
Paul texts. This is one of a series of continuous shutter action. I have a great new feature on my camera that lets me take a series of pictures in quick succession.
Footprints in the snow
My favorite Minnesota transplant
Tom Servo in profile
This picture is for Jim's dad, who requested it. Little Red Rider in the Hood is doing fine in the cold. She's a little dirty, but she's quite a bouncy gal on the snowpacked roads
Jimmy listens to music while doing homework.
More footprints in the snow
Little Red has some icicles on her rear tire flap. The icicles actually connect truck to road. It's hard to see in this picture, but they do touch the road.
A catnipped-out Magic Marker. You can even see a few catnip flakes in the carpet.


Jake said…
I like kitty pictures. Also want to see if my picture shows up on my comments. Just playing around
Jake, how you've matured!
Jake said…
are you saying I was immature before?! I resemble that remark.
Jen said…
Glad to see you trying out your new camera. I seems to take great pictures. You should practice taking some action shots. Just have Matt act his usual goofy self.

I'm going to start calling you the cat lady since you've got more pictures of your cats than your own kids in this post