10 things for me to think about

1. How I'm going to survive a hosting a birthday party next Friday. A dozen relatively quiet girls in the house. Hmmmm. And no crafts or events to plan because the birthday girl just wants to "hang out" downstairs with friends playing board games or the Wii. Just order a couple pizzas and make a cake. How EVER will I do it?
2. What to put on my list of things to do today. I've accomplished much in two days of intensive list following and I plan to follow a list again today. So what do I put on it?
3. Going on a walk. I'll think about it but probably not do it today.
4. How I narrowly escaped melting down at the possible loss of my beloved fLossie. Yes, she's two years old and out of date, but she's my friend and I would hate to have to bury her. She froze last night and my eVil iTunes program (which has been conquered by teenage boy music recently) said that fLossie was corrupted. But I googled frozen nano and, lo, many links were provided that explained that I had to hold down the menu portion of the white circle and the select button to reset. And, joy!, all was better. fLossie is fine! Praise Apple!
5. Making a hair appointment. LONG PAST DUE.
6. How I'm going to survive a 43 hour work week next week. Bleagh. But at least it's work and I'm at home. I'll have to chant "paycheck" to myself when I get faint. And, Jenni, I see you rolling your eyes at me.
7. Who needs braces first? Paul or Hayley? Should I flip a coin?
8. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
9. Do you care?
10. Well, do you?


Shantel said…
Joel and I called on that house across the street from you. We left a message. We are house hunting. We'll see what the deatil are - do you happen to know any?
I don't, but that would be fun for you guys to live even closer! One of these days we'll have to have you over when we use our fire pit for s'mores.

Jen said…
Thank goodness fLossie was rescued. It would have been a sad day if you ended up having to say good-bye for time and all eternity to her. Would you have had a funeral?

No, I honestly can't say I care about woodchucks and how much wood they can chuck. Don't tell Mike this, but I'm not much of a nature-lover.
froggybaby said…
I'm so glad to hear that fLossie is ok. I have named mine, miPod and she is green and lovely. I do care. And no, I don't roll my eyes. Actually, my Monday night teacher caught me rolling my eyes the other day, but we were all sick of class and it was awful stuff.
Okay, I'm going to call your birthday girl personally to apologize, but with all the Stake visitors yesterday and me subbing for music and conducting, I got all flustered and forgot to do birthdays!! I felt so bad later when I realized it. Send her my love, but like I said, I'll tell her myself too.