Spring broken

So it's Spring Break for the kiddies. Already, I feel like my brain is about to explode. My blogging routine is going to be irregular this week. Normally, I post by 8 a.m., but this week I probably won't get around to it til late morning. So consider yourself informed.

I tried to exercise when I got up, but having kids milling around the house doesn't make exercising in the house easy. And I WOULD go for a walk outside, but apparently the weather didn't get the memo about Spring Break. It's raining. Sigh. The first day of vacation and it's raining too hard to play outside. It's one of those rains that could last all day. The sky is a uniform cold gray and the rain is steady and determined.

Paul is off to his first track meet today. He has been placed on the 4x800m relay team with the three fastest guys in the track program (sez Paul) so I'm thinking that he will run varsity for that event, at least for the first few meets. Then he has also been told he will run the 3200m (roughly equivalent to 2 miles). So two long runs for him. He's happy about it, though. The coaches will use the first couple of meets to determine the varsity squad so we don't know anything for sure yet. The meet is INDOORS, thank goodness so despite the craptastic weather, he will run. Good luck Paul!

I'd go to the meet, but Mom is here giving piano lessons, and afterwards, we are taking Hayley out to lunch and shopping for a dress. Hayley has all of a sudden grown up. She's about as tall as Katie--maybe taller--and she's outgrown all her church clothes. She got one dress from us and Grandma wants to give her another.

Hayley went off to Young Women at church yesterday--no more little-kid Primary for her! Sniff! After church was over, I went into the Primary room and spied Matt right away. Then I started looking around for Hayley, but after wondering where she had gotten herself to, I realized she wasn't in there at all. I am a little sad of course. They will announce her moving up in church next week and she'll get her Faith in God award then. I just can't get over how big my kids are getting! I still feel like a young mom. They all grew up just as I figured out how to be the kind of parent of young kids that I wanted to be. Now I've had to switch gears to parenting teenagers and it's a totally different style of being a mom. And I haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet.

My goals for Spring Break: cut some hair, clean, exercise every day (hopefully the weather will clear up), make chore lists for the kids, not yell as much as I am tempted to, have a good attitude, read, and remain sane.