From Jimmy:

"Mom, would it be OK if I took a jar of peanut butter and a bottle of honey and a loaf of bread to school to keep in my locker? Then I could just make my lunch at school."

He would ask something like that. We argued over the bread getting stale in his locker, but now that I think about it, the bread wouldn't be in the locker long enough to get stale. He'd eat it in a day. And I'm not going to fund his "need" for a loaf a day.

From Matt:

I drove Matt to a birthday party just a few minutes ago. He wrapped the present himself and stuck a tag on it. I didn't see what he wrote until we got out of the car at the birthday boy's house. The tag said:

"To: Colin, From: King Squirrel"

"King Squirrel" sounds about right for Matt.


Jen said…
Silly boys! Yes, I think it would be cheaper to make Jimmy's lunches at home if he'd go through a loaf a day. He's probably snack on the condiments, too, so those would be gone quickly as well.

I can only imagine how Matt ended up with that nickname. It definitely fits.
froggybaby said…
He takes after his uncle, the Great Zuchini. As for Jimmy, yes, I believe that the food in the locker might not be the best idea. As I said, I think "Zits" is about Jimmy.
Jake said…
The flaw I see in Jimmy's "time saving idea" is that there are too many containers to be opened and shut (consult Brian Regan bit on PBJ). Unless of course he opened the containers when he got to school, spread p-butter in between first passing time, honey the second and capped it off on the third. Hopefully, construction would be completed prior to his lunch period. It would have to be, or there would be no sense in doing it at all. That's where he needs to concentrate his attention. It can be done, Jimmy. Figure out a way. Must keep sanitation in mind as well. Your friends will show up like rats looking for a slice of that pie real quick. Sara don't stand in the way of his dreams.