I haven't been computering much lately. I've either been running around or knitting. Jenni has been knitting, Mom has been knitting, and Matt has been knitting. Yes. Matt knits. Right now he's knitting a tiny orange scarf. Whatever. It's his exercise in purling. He and cousin Maddie had quite a knitting conversation last night. I don't remember all of it, but the two of them found much to discuss in the realm of knitting (although Maddie doesn't knit, she only purls).

Today we went to a knitting store. Matt liked all the colors of yarn. I got some yarn to make a little shrug for Hayley (shhhhh don't tell her!). Jenni got some purple sock yarn. Mom got a magazine. Matt got to help the owner of the store wrap yarn into yarn balls and she also showed him how to twist blobs of wool into yarn using a spinner. He was fascinated with the machinations of the spinner. He also saw a replica of Captain Jayne's knitted hat . The knitting store owner was very nice, especially in her treatment of Matt. Jen got some pictures. We'll see about posting some another time.

Then we went to Chamblin Bookmine.


It's a maze of bookshelves in a meandering series of connected buildings. Any first-timer in that store going in by herself WILL get lost. Possibly for several hours. Really. In most places in the store, all you can see are books. Miles and miles and miles and tons and tons and tons of books. It gets to be too much if you are just browsing. I liked going back to the children's section--you have to walk through a garage door at one point. Matt couldn't make a decision on a book, so he didn't get anything (really, I don't blame him--there was just too much to look at and he was kind of tired). We had to leave so Jen could get girls to music lessons so many places in that store went unexplored. And Hayley's request went unfulfilled as well because they had only books 1, 3, and 4 of the Avalon series. Oh well!

Concert tonight and party tomorrow!


Jen said…
You knitting fools. Reminds me of when we were in Durango. A lot of knitting going on then, too. Glad you're having fun. Also pleased to see that Matt isn't intimidated by all those women and girly things.
TaterBean said…
hehe...matt is into knitting...he's the opposite of the stereotypical knitter...oh well...i knit too. i can't tonight because i ripped off half my finger nail trying to open my car door this morning because the door was frozen shut from the snow. psh...i hate snow right mad at it!
I am half-way through a scarf and a sock. How does one knit only one project at a time??? I remember when William took up crocheting during his "skateboard" phase so that he could make tams. Incidentally, if the Bookmine is the store I am thinking of...we've been there and William had to rush out after a wave of extreme claustrophobia!