I'm taking a break from all the hubbub of spring break (where it's neither spring, nor do I get a break) to post a picture. Just an interesting picture of Hayley and a disapproving cat. Hayley had these lights up in the family room for her party.

And now, time for vague recollections from my childhood:
Drawing floor plans for boarding schools. I liked to envision and draw places to live. Sadly, I never became an architect.

Making mud pies in the back yard with Jenni. We ate mud. I don't think I liked it.

Playing elevator in the first house I lived in. There was one place in the house that was surrounded on each side by a door. One led to mom and dad's bedroom, one led to the bathroom, one led to my room which I shared with Jenni, and one led to the living room. I would place a stuffed animal or doll behind each door and then pick each toy up as the "elevator" went up and down.

Playing "watergate" with Eric from down the street when we lived on McLaughlin. It involved an empty milk jug, water, and dirt. No tapes, no presidents, and no CREEP.

This just in:
Congratulations go out to my husband's nephew Tony, who just got married! I remember a time (SO long ago) when Tony was shorter than I. I met him when he was three years old and had a cast on his leg, which did NOT stop him from running around. And now he's all grown up and married! Best wishes to Tony and Rheannia!


Dennis said…
The room where you played elevator was the hallway and ran from the living room/dining room to Jakes room on the left, bathroom next on the right and at the end of the hall was your/Jenni's room to the left and our room on the right.
I think there was also a kitchen entrance on the left immediately after the living room/dining room
Jen said…
Cool picture! Sounds like Hayley is quite the party planner.

How neat to have your own elevator when you were a kid. I remember always finding little nooks and crannies to pretend when I was a kid, too.
TaterBean said…
fyi...the lights are thanks to jake slattery, he got all of his friends gag gifts for christmas in 9th grade and i got the couple of feet of blue lights :)
Ooops, Dad, I meant the house on Gilmore. I distinctly remember the lack of Jake in my elevator play.