No science project today

I never did get pictures of Hayley and Matt and their little experiment that is taking up valuable counterspace in my kitchen. I'll have to put picture-taking on my to-to list. My to-do list is getting long, mostly because I ignored it yesterday, although I did iron two shirts. The ironing pile is almost as big as the actual dirty clothes pile so I am working on it a little every day. I don't iron the big boys' shirts anymore; they are learning to do that for themselves. Hooray for teenagers and their "need" for independence! You want freedom? Then you must be responsible for yourself! Iron your own shirts. And both boys know how to run the washing machine and the dryer and are big helps with laundry. Except they don't fold as often as I want them to.

Spring Break is next week for the kids. We have no plans, but that doesn't seem to bother anyone. Jimmy has to work a lot, which he is not happy about (see me roll my eyes). I think I'll have Paul make up fliers advertising his lawn-mowing prowess to pass around the neighborhood in hopes that he'll get a couple lawns to mow for $$. Hayley and Matt will probably do jobs around the house and play with each other outside.

Lately, during the last two days of really nice March weather, Matt and Hayley have been playing street hockey. They've made up their own rules and run around chasing a tennis ball with their aging hockey sticks. Those sticks have sat in the garage for nearly 10 years. Paul and Jimmy used them quite a bit before the disease of teenagerhood set in, in which playing outside becomes to painful so they must sit around the house complaining of boredom. Now the sticks are seeing a rebirth of use with Hayley and Matt. I could sit at the window for hours, watching the two of them play.


You IRON stuff? Wow, you're a domestic goddess. I think my iron has been used 3 times in 10 years of marriage. :)
Shantel said…
right before reading your blog - I read a blog about chocolate covered Bacon - and now my brain is gone. ummmmm....bacon......
Are you ok from Sunday? I wanted to ask but I did not wnat to be nosey. I still dont - so just tell me to shut to the up.
Jen said…
I have to make the same comment: YOU IRON STUFF! The only time I've pulled out the iron since we've moved here was to press the seams on my Roman shades.

Good for the boys to pick up some of the laundry/ironing responsibilities. My mom made me learn when I was 9 and never did laundry for me ever again after that.