A different kind of ten things

Struggling to come up with something to blog about, I turned to a creative writing prompt for an idea. And the prompt that I randomly selected was "10 reasons why I should NOT write my life story." Kind of oxymoronish--here I am blogging about my life and I'm supposed to come up with 10 reasons not to write about myself.

1. It would be way too long. I have the need to explain every little detail or thought process that led to a particular decision and so my life story would take forever to write. And sometimes I can't tell if a decision is important enough to include, so I would include everything I can remember just so that people might get a better understanding of why my life is the way it is.
2. I would never finish it. I'd be writing my whole life, and someone would have to finish it for me.
3. I would have to include the episode at the Excelsior beach at night when someone had me in a headlock. And we weren't wrestling.
4. I would have to relive some embarrassing moments. Like 7th and 8th grade.
5. And my 9th grade school picture. I just did not know how to wear lip gloss.
6. I'd get stuff wrong. My memories of some episodes do not jive with the memories of others who were there. My perception is unreliable.
7. No one would believe that I did not eat the Bonnie Bell lip gloss. I just over used it that day and licked my lips a lot!
8. My children would refuse to allow me to include embarrassing stories of them in it.
9. I'd place way too much importance on the role of spelling in my life and how it contributed to my misguided self-importance and a couple of heartbreaks.
10. My feet would swell for sitting at the computer for so long.


Jen said…
Well, considering you've already written your life story from birth through the high school years, I think you'd do just fine writing the rest. I'm sure you could have someone edit out the excess for you. That is if you're really considering writing an autobiography.

In my case, I don't believe there would be anyone interested in my dull life. Maybe my children would be when they are mothers themselves. That's not enough reason for me to write such a long and boring book; I'd put myself to sleep writing it.
froggybaby said…
I'd like to hear the Excelsior Beach story that was left out of your memoires for mom.
Jen said…
Happy square root day
Concerned Citizen