Jimmy's eating habits

Several years ago at the dinner table after eating hotdogs (I think), Jimmy contemplated his empty plate and decided he was still hungry.

"Mom, can I have a sandwich?"

"Sure," I said, "If you make it yourself." I already fixed dinner; I wasn't going to expend any more energy preparing food, and he was certainly capable of doing it himself. I didn't pay much attention to what he was doing, but as he topped his sandwich with the second slice of bread, I asked him what was in his sandwich, because it looked a little odd, a little flat, and it dripped red and yellow.

"Ketchup and mustard."

I paused, waiting to hear what else he had put in it.

"And...?" I prompted.

"And what?"

"And what else did you put in your sandwich?"

He looked at me like I was nuts. "Ketchup and mustard. That's what's in my sandwich."

I almost gagged. He ate most of it.

Fast forward a few years and Jimmy had developed a habit of adding milk to his ice cream, which is not as gross as a condiment sandwich, but I still tried to stop him from doing it.

And now.

Last night he came home from a church activity while I was downstairs glued to the TV to see who got sent home on Idol (Alexis? Really? Huh. I woulda thought Michael). After the show was over, I ambled up the stairs to see how everyone up there was doing. Out of habit, I opened the fridge door (because you can't ask people how they are doing without something to eat) and saw a bowl of cereal sitting on the middle shelf. It was getting soggy.

"Who put the bowl of cereal in the fridge, and more importantly WHY?"

Of course it was Jimmy who answered. "I'm waiting for it to get soggy."

I almost gagged again. What? "Why in the name of Alton Brown would you want your cereal to get soggy???"

"If it's crunchy, you are too busy paying attention to the crunch. If it's soggy, you really get the TASTE of the cereal."

I will NEVER understand that boy.


Shantel said…
That is funny. Teenagers. I am lookng foward to it. (I will need a copy of this water protected and put somewhere safe, so went I have teenage boys you can remind me. I am sure I will need it.)
Jen said…
Ish! I never have and will never understand the eating habits of the human male. Mike has some very weird/gross tastes in cuisine. He likes to put ketchup or bbq sauce (whichever is available) on just about anything including rice. Instead of milk on his ice-cream, he'll put mineral water on his. Mike has recently taken a liking to avocado being put on everything including ice-cream. So imagine a bowl of ice-cream with mineral water and avocado. It's enough to make someone hork.
Micah & Sarah said…
What this comes down to is that he doesn't like to chew. Soggy cereal, softened ice cream, meatless sandwich. If he has braces that would explain a lot.

By the way, a little milk on the ice cream then stirred up like a shake is the best.
Jen said…
I put milk in my ice cream. I even put mineral water in vanilla ice cream once, it was good. Good for Jimmy for exploring his consumable world. Keep up the good work.
Concerned Citizen