Happy birthday to this blog yesterday

So it was my first "blogiversary" yesterday. I actually thought I started blogging March 9th, which is today, but I checked to make sure and I WAS WRONG.

A day late is better than not at all, right? RIGHT???

I figured I'd have a little celebration here with blog cake and blog decorations
and presents!Yay!

And a giveaway!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite post, theme, or picture that I have posted on the shoebox castle wall. I'll pick a comment number at random (out of a hat. But first I have to find a hat) and I'll send the winner a prize! A prize picked from the vast array of items sitting around my house without use or function, or something I have too many of.


The kids are home from school today (it's the end of the trimester and the teachers get a workshop day). What should I do with the teenagers on days off? I have come across a lot of websites dedicated to making life fun for little children (and create a huge mess for the mom to clean up), especially children of preschool age, but I haven't come across any websites that give me ideas for having fun with teenagers.

I might have to start one.

But the only idea I can come up with is:
1. Make the teenagers clean the bathroom.

And that isn't exactly an idea that fits under the category "making life fun for your teenager." It's more along the lines of "making life easier for the mom of teenagers." But I think I like this idea better than making life fun for the teenagers.


Jim said…
Is it possible to get that cake out of the computer? Fave post - Valentines Day, of course.
Dennis said…
That's no fair, Jim wins by default in which case you will still have the prize in your home.
Too many favorites to pick just one. I really enjoy reading your blog. They are entertaining, plus I like reading the comments.
Happy Birthday Blog!!
Pfff, Jim does not win by default. It's not the first person to comment who wins, it's a random selection from the pool of everyone who posts (except me). I'll put everyone's name in a hat and pick one.
Marta said…
Have to pick a favorite to win? OK, favorite.... Nope can't do it; love it all. Perhaps Jimmy. Can we discuss arranged marriages? I have a lovely daughter....
Jake said…
I would have to say that my favorite is the Graph Jam post of Monday, September 22, 2008 I think I'll have pie now.

Jen said…
Happy Birthday, Tales of a Shoebox Princess! Hooray for you for making it through a WHOLE year. You are definitely a better blogger than me with your almost daily posts (maybe you even have posted daily 100%, then I will retract the almost). I, too, wish I could get that cake out of the monitor.

My favorite blog post is the one about the great room switch and you discovered that someone had been stealing chocolate chips.
Okay, my favorite post was "Happiness Is.." because it gave me hope that some annoying stages will one day be a fleeting memory.
Happy Anniversary. My favorite post is the "Please stop licking the doorknob"...no, no...the "face sparks on couch"....I need more time to think.
froggybaby said…
Happy birthday. I for one, am thankful for its existence. It has been a fun, fun year. It keeps me laughing.
Karie said…
Happy birthday to the castle! My favorite was the Halloween themed posts, but that's probably because my fledgling love of all things pumpkin was inspired by the pictures you shared.