One more day

I'll do the giveaway on Wednesday.

I would have done it today, but it's already 9 AM! I didn't get enough sleep last night (stupid Daylight Savings Time!) and woke with a start at 8:20 this morning (much later than normal) after a weird dream of someone standing over me and glaring at me, and I feel like suddenly there is no time left in the day to get anything done!

Yesterday track practice started for Paul. He's really excited about it because he likes the structure and order of organized running practice. He knows most of the guys who are trying out for the 1600m and the 3200m because most of them were in Cross Country together. I'm not so excited (I'm just some excited) because it means driving to pick Paulie up every day; although I won't be picking him up all the time. Two other mothers and I have conspired to carpool, thank goodness. I'm driving this week and R's mom will drive next week and hopefully, T's mom will drive the week after.

For his next Webelos activity (and remind me to take a picture of Matt with his creation before then), Matt had to build a bridge out of toothpicks. Upon arriving home with his toothpicks last week, Matt got out some wax paper, dumped out all the toothpicks, made sure they were facing the same way, and fused them all together with A WHOLE BOTTLE OF ELMER'S ALL-PURPOSE GLUE. Being an adult, my understanding of "build a bridge out of toothpicks" would have meant that I would glue them together in some order, perhaps involving triangles, because triangles are sturdy structures. But Matt takes after Jimmy, who did the same thing for his bridge construction unit in school in sixth grade.

Pause while I find a picture of Jimmy with his bridge...and scan it...and post it...
Ah, I see that he was somewhat organized about his bridge construction, he had sort of a log cabin thing going on for about half of it. Then he just piled the rest of the toothpicks on top. Then the class held a contest to see whose bridge could hold the most weight. After three different trials (they had to keep getting more weights), Jimmy's bridge and another kid's bridge still hadn't broken. The weights topped out at 160 lbs (previous school record was 105 lbs). So Jimmy's bridge came home intact. And he spent the rest of the afternoon trying to break it. I even stood on it with Jimmy on my back and it still didn't break. I'll have to ask him how he finally managed to demolish it (because you know he wouldn't have been able to resist smashing it using whatever means necessary!).

So we'll see what Matt's mangle of a bridge does. And again, remind me to take a picture of him with it, although it's nothing special to look at. He really did just dump the toothpicks and dump the glue. It took him five minutes to put together (and three days to dry. That much glue does not dry fast).


Jen said…
You got to sleep in until after 8:00 on a school day?!? Lucky you!!! I've actually had to be the one to get the girls up each morning since DS stole that hour from us. Annie is especially not keen on the change. She even said today that she's so tired that she's going to come home after school and go right to bed to sleep until the middle of the night. Right, we'll see if that happens. I'm sure it doesn't help that it's been sunless and rainy since Saturday:(

Tell Paul good luck with track. I'm sure he'll do great this year. How nice to have some other moms to share the carpooling duties.

Wow! I can't believe that little bundle of toothpicks could hold so much weight. Hopefully, Matt's will defy all physics, too.
froggybaby said…
Hooray for driving around. Love that. And sleeping in? Don't even talk about it. At that point, I was in 3rd period and was thinking about lunch!! Alas. I suffer with the DS time change. I'm not right until it changes back in October. Happy bridging.