Ten things to do after vacation

1. Give great and glorious thanks for being asked to get on a non-midnight-arrival flight instead of the one we had tickets for that got in very very late.
2. Remind myself that the grouchy flight attendant may have had previous issues and I probably caught her at her near-boiling point.
3. Unpack
4. Admire the ceiling fan that Jim put in while I was away and the flower on the table that he got for me to say "Welcome home, I missed you."
5. Curse the van for costing $$$$ for repairs and for the new irritation of a bad gas tank sensor that beeps every 10 seconds signaling an empty tank when IT ISN'T EMPTY. More $$$$. ARGH! WE CAN'T AFFORD THIS!
6. Unpack some more.
7. Watch Matt show Jim the alligator head that Grandma bought him.
8. Carve down the talons. They are fun to have if I could live my life as a full time princess with servants to scratch my itches for me and type my blog entries for me and play the organ for me and open doors for me and pick up things off the floor for me and remove stickers from apples for me and clench fists for me, etc..... but since I am only a very part-time princess, I need these things to be shorter.
9. Get back to unpacking.
10. Plan the next trip.

Jen, I had a good time. Thanks for taking our surprise well and not flipping out about unexpected guests. I hope you had good time too.


froggybaby said…
I hope you have survived the great Unpacking. I hope you don't feel anger about your nails towards me. They did look fabulous. I loved that you interrupted my life and disrupted my family and stayed with me for a few days. It was my best birthday present ever!!
No anger--why would I blame you? I wanted them! I went willingly! I told the lady that that length was good. But now that I'm home, I need them to be shorter. And they did look fabulous.

I did figure out how to remove my contacts with really long nails tho so I didn't poke my eyes out.

(sorry to disrupt anything. But that play was too funny to ever regret--I'm glad Matt and Maddie and Rozzie spent that day together doing stuff that we used to do! Long live crud humor, tossing bananas, spotlights, and marionettes made out of chopsticks, stuffed animals and yarn!)
Jerilyn said…
I love your nails! The typing gets easier, I promise!
TaterBean said…
your next trip=utah