That's the full picture of the sneak-peek from yesterday's post. The apron is for my mom, whose birthday is tomorrow. I had told her about a really cute apron pattern I saw on the web at this website and when she came over for piano lessons last Saturday, she brought a bag of fabric pieces and said, "Make me one of those aprons for my birthday." Not even a "Please" or "If you have time." I think she's the only one in the entire world who I will still let order me around. Click on the picture for an up-close view. The third fabric down has eyelashes on it! Mom likes her weird fabrics. But those weird fabrics came in handy when she made the tumbler quilts for my boys. The pieces had all kinds of pictures and thematic rows. The boys and I used to play "I Spy" with the quilts before the boys went to bed (when the boys were little. Paul and Jimmy would ignore me completely if I suggested we play I Spy with the quilts these days).

Story about aprons that Mom tells: When my mom's mom was still around and in her early middle ages in the 1940s and 50s, she and the neighbor women would have little birthday parties for each other and they gave each other homemade aprons. They lived in a small town without a lot of money, and these aprons became almost a competition. I have one of grandma's aprons.
See the incredible job she did on the bias tape egding!

And I would NEVER mess with scalloped edges. Look how flat it lies!
Anyway, regarding that website with the apron instructions: I didn't completely understand the directions, so I just made up my own. I mostly used the website for picture referral and sizes of pieces. And I think it turned out rather well. So happy birthday tomorrow to my mom and you'll get the apron when you come over on Sunday for dinner (or Saturday when we come over for piano if we aren't doing piano on Sunday).

Today's Paulism: "...on that day when it was pouring snow..."


Wow, it looks awesome. I'm very impressed. I might even be jealous, but then I remembered I don't really cook much.
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I cook, but I always forget that I have an apron to wear, which explains why my grandma's apron is still SO SPOTLESS AND STAINFREE. And with either apron, I would need a bib too.
Karie said…
Very nice! The instructions seem relatively easy for the ruffle apron too, but I'm impressed by your final product. It's so cute and...ruffly!
I wear aprons every day! I am on an apron-makin' frenzy right now using an Amy Butler pattern. I will definitely have to try the ruffle one! Too cute!
Jen said…
Wow, that turned out so cute. I have 2 aprons, but I keep forgetting to use them, too. I should get in the habit because I always end up with splatters on my shirts.