NOW I'm on Spring Break!

In case you didn't know (and Jenni didn't), I've been planning a spring break trip to Florida to visit Jenni and Travis and their girls. It was a surprise for Jenni's birthday. I got my mom to come along too and because Matt has not had a "big trip" and all the other kids have, I brought him along as well.

Matt was fascinated by the airplane. Before we left this morning, Katie called and talked to him to try to scare him. She tried to convince him that planes crashlanded etc, but he would have none of it. He wouldn't let anything put him off this trip. Matt watched the takeoff with great enthusiasm and was very excited to see what the tops of the clouds looked like. He also liked checking out the "kitchen" on the plane as we were waiting in line to use the bathroom. Everything about flying made Matt smile.

When we got to the Smiths, I suggested we send Matt in first, and he walked in with Travis and yelled "Pizza's here!" I guess Jen was surprised because she thought he was someone else at first. But then when that sunk in, I walked in and Jen shrieked and hugged me. Then, to top it off, Mom walked in and Jen was standing there beside herself, totally surprised! I took pictures, but I'll probably post them tomorrow.

So Matt and I get a vacation in sunny Florida! I hear it's going to rain/snow all week in MN! Too bad!


Jen said…
How fun! I wish I could be there, too. Good to see that Jenni was absolutely surprised. Have a wonderful week:)
Hooray! I'm in Atlanta myself. Three cheers for sunshine!!
TaterBean said… didn't work? that makes me sad... oh...i feel a quote coming on, and i will one would get it