Major obstacle overcome

I'm in the middle of a Creative Writing independent study class. One of my assignments is to write a short story. My short story is called The Preserve. I like stories, and I think I write well enough to tell a good story. My problem is having people read what I write (except for what I write in my blog. I LOVE for people to read my blog. I don't know why I feel differently about the two kinds of writing). After months of fear, procrastination, fear, anxiety, and more fear, I finally allowed my short story to be critiqued by people who know how to nitpick the written form of communication. I let some English teachers read it. I let a recent English major college grad (who plans to go for her master in reading people's writings and telling them how to improve) read it. I let another person who has been instructed in creative writing more than I have read it. And I survived their comments with my dignity and hopes for a decent grade intact. I am now able to handle the "here's how you can improve" suggestions without falling to the floor awash in tears, feeling imperfect and crushed, because they all peppered it with "here are the story's strengths" comments.

I've learned that getting a story to workshop does NOT mean it has to be perfect! The whole purpose of workshopping is to help it along--to let fresh eyes make helpful suggestions and alert the writer to possible confusion in the eye of a reader--not to judge whether it is perfect or worthy of anyone else's attention. I've also learned that I don't HAVE to take anyone's (or everyone's) suggestions. :P

I'm sure many writers know this already, and I probably knew it too; I just didn't believe it or in myself.

Now I have to rewrite the story and write up on the workshopping experience. I can get through this! Go me!


Shantel said…
YES! Go You!!!! You are a good writer - you can do it!
Dennis said…
Yes, I love reading your blog and would love to read your short story because I know it would be far, far better than anything I could ever hope to produce.
froggybaby said…
I hope our comments were helpful. We enjoyed the story.