Popcorn for dinner

Yesterday was not for the faint of heart. From 3:30 on, I was away from home with several children in tow. I had to pick up Paul and friends from track, drive friends home, insert Paul into the house, pick up Hayley and Matt immediately and drive to children's choir, play piano at cc, drive straight to the high school for a double band concert (both Hayley's band and Paul's band played) and listen to the concert. It doesn't seem like much written down, but it's a 20 minute drive from home to children's choir and driving kids home from track takes longer than I thought it would. And the band concert was over an hour long. OK I'll stop complaining. But Thursdays are always busy and Jim works so he isn't home to help, although he did manage to get Paul from home to the band concert while he was delivering pizzas.

I didn't fix dinner. I left sandwich fixings out but by the time I was home, it was too late to think about a sandwich, so I just had some popcorn.

Matt was a trooper, even though he's been tired lately. Here he is, reading while we wait for the concert to begin:
Hayley's band, called Best of Both (BOB) band. It's the best band members from both middle schools.
And here is Paul in the horn section. Jim noticed that three of the horn players style their hair the same way.
I like my new camera. I was able to get these great zoom-in shots from more than halfway back in the auditorium, and with NO FLASH.

I'm hungry now. Popcorn is not a very filling dinner and I need a substantial breakfast to calm the hungry monster I call a stomach.


I should have come to your house for dinner. :) And the camera looks great.
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Jen said…
You poor thing to have to subsist on just popcorn. How did you ever survive? What a crazy day you had though. I can't imagine being able to even eat anything afterward. I probably would have just gone to bed.