One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong

Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?

(Thank you Sesame Street)

So what do we have here on a teenage boy's dresser? Let's see. A CD. Dreaming Out Loud by One Republic, borrowed from the library. OK, that's fine. We have a stack of books. Might be a little odd for a teenage boy's dresser, but not so much if the books are scifi/fantasy, which they are. We have Axe deodorant. Totally belongs (and gives the air surrounding a nice but very heavy aroma of machismo). A camera case. Yep, necessary to take pictures of many girls. Can't quite see it in back of the camera case, but there is an assortment of pocketknives. Not at all out of place, especially on the dresser of someone who likes sharp implements. A pitcher. Which belongs..........IN THE KITCHEN IN A CUPBOARD, NOT ON A LEDGE BEHIND THE DRESSER. I have been LOOKING for that pitcher for several days, especially at dinner time!!! Do you know how frustrating it is to look for something and NOT FIND IT FOR DAYS? I spent a lot of time on my knees digging in my cupboards for that thing!

Argh. When confronted with the crime of theft--I asked him why he had the pitcher and not just a cup--the perpetrator smiled and said, "I was thirsty." The pitcher had several cups' worth of water in it; he must have been mighty thirsty. He also said, "I kept meaning to put it back," which does not absolve him of the misdemeanor. This WILL go on his permanent record. And I'm posting guards around my dinnerware.


froggybaby said…
I think the comic strip, "Zits" is about Jimmy.
Jen said…
LOL...only Jimmy. Was he actually drinking out of that thing like a cup?!?
Probably. You should see him eat. Two bites and his plate is clean. He could eat using a shovel.
Froggybaby--I too see the resemblance. Especially the shoes.
Dennis said…
The first thing I noticed was the picture of Jesus and not because it was out of place but that it was on the dresser/table of a 16 yr old. There aren't too many teenagers that would have a picture of the Savior in their room, so I forgive the pitcher and Jimmy earned major points with me.
Jake said…
Sometimes I wonder why I find empty water bottles and glassware shoved in the cupboards of the girls vanity in their bathroom. Also, I have found spoons in the freezer downstairs. I don't know if they are put there as a convenience for their periodic ice cream samplings, or that it's a result of sheer and utter laziness. I vote for the latter. Then there's huffiness when they are asked to remove these items and follow normal day-to-day protocol (also known as S.O.P.). Maybe when I'm old and visiting them, I'll hide things around their house. Then they might just think that I'm losing my marbles when actually, I'll just be getting them back. It's the perfect ruse.
Dennis said…
Nice picture Jake.