2 things I've found in the last 24 hours that need explanation

...as in someone needs to explain TO ME why I found things in the situations they were in.

1. A plastic cup cemented to my dining room floor by dried spilled milk. (I think I can come up with a reasonably believable scenario that led to this. Someone spilled some milk and instead of cleaning up after themselves, they just plopped the cup upright in the puddle of spilled milk and left it there)

2. A Young Women's recognition medallion INSIDE the base of a lava lamp. This one I have no explanation for. Neither does the person who lost her medallion.


Dennis said…
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Jen said…
Those pesky kids! When do they magically become responsible and considerate individuals? I'd really like to know when to expect that around here, too. I suppose it'll happen when they their own places and won't have momma to pick up after them and then they end with a place like this: http://www.houston-imports.com/dirty/dirty.html
froggybaby said…
First, I'm intrigued as the the first 2 commenters. Who could it be and why did they withdraw? Second, the lava lamp? Third, holy mother of all things clean and sterile. That was disgusting Jen. Under what circumstances did you locate those pictures? The kids were horrified.