Day 13 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and Katie has forgotten what we all look like

So there is something funky going on with the spacing of pictures. But I will forge ahead and brave the odd formatting. Today's decoration is a trio of cheerful potions that I bought in Kalama, Washington last October.

Very cute! I like the frog on the bottle on the left. And I LURVE the skull stoppers.

Recently, I had a conversation with Katie, who mentioned that I need to post pictures of the family here because she is starting to forget what we all look like. Someone has a short memory.

Magic. Katie, Magic misses you! With you gone, he has only one person to hiss at.
Paul looks up from his homework to see a camera lens targeting his forehead.

Servo is still adorably cute. So is a sleeping Matt.

Dad says hello. Your mother likes any opportunity to show off the excessive forehead acreage she possesses.

Hayley was not happy to have her picture taken. Jimmy was.


Jen said…
Oooh, I like you latest decorations. Those are right up my ally. Still no decorations for Halloween to speak of around here.

I, too, think you should try to post pictures of your kids as often as possible. But then I tend to obsess with my camera always being handy.
froggybaby said…
Cute pictures of the fam in their natural habitats rather than all posy-posy!
emaalyon said…
I love the potions. I could use some new Halloween decor. My kids are kinda obsessed. They beg to go to Michaels and other such stores to see the scary things. They moan because they're scared, but they can't look away and always want more. Cute pictures of everyone!
Potato Head said…
Yay! Thannk you mother, now I remember what all the family looks like. HEHE, I like the one of Hayley in bed. She looks angry...was she awake or having dreams of homework/school? (I'm happy to be on a break from school right now.) Keep taking pictures...more and more pictures. I like them.
BTW I think I have a cavity...