Day 20 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and it's Monday morning, but you knew that already

Today's feature is the oddity of a snowman made not out of snow, but out of pumpkins; a pumpkin man, if you will (and you will). Although I don't think this creature is male. I believe it is a she. She has glitter on her cheeks and there is just something warm and friendly and "Come on in, I just baked cookies" about her smile. Not that I don't believe men and boys can't be warm and friendly or bake cookies (my boys used to bake cookies all the time). Maybe it's just the glitter on her cheeks. And the raffia bow on her head. This is Grandma Pumpkin. She just looks so grandma-like. She would have Honeycomb cereal in her pantry and full candy dishes scattered around her parlor--yes, she would have a parlor. And she would serve bread and honey and three kinds of meat with every meal. And she would pay you a quarter to straighten out all the rugs in her house. And she would have gum in her purse to give you whenever you went somewhere (even to CHURCH!). She would serve you peaches in a special dessert bowl and smell like fabric softener and perfume. She would let you watch "The Price is Right" every morning (Shoebox Princess, COME ON DOWN!) when you visited. But she would also warn you to watch out for the big boys at the park who might break your arm. Grandma Pumpkin watches out for everybody (except for the big boys who might break your arm). And she would tell you to be nice to your younger cousins.

In case you can't tell, the above description is a combination of my two grandmas, both whom I love very much. They were different sorts of people, but I considered my life complete because I had both a grandma who gave out candy and a grandma who supplied me with gum. When I grow up, I'm going to give my grandchildren both.

List of things to do today because I don't have anything else amusing, interesting, or newsworthy to say.
1. shower
2. eat
3. attend a meeting
4. grocery shop
5. make applesauce Halloween ornaments (because I don't have enough pumpkiny stuff in my house)
6. think about dinner
7. knit
8. wash the table cloth


Jen said…
Awww, how sweet of you to bundle up all those grandmotherly traits into Grandma Pumpkin. My maternal grandmother always provided me with chocolaty treats such as constantly being stocked with eclairs in the freezer, yoo-hoos in the fridge, reese's peanut butter cups and other chocolate candies in the cupboards. I used to think she would stock up on these things just for me, but I realized later that that was all for her and was the only crap she ate daily.

Looks like you have a full day. I like that you included knitting with the other tasks. You are so motivated to do your hobbies.
froggybaby said…
She is so cute. It was nice to be able to relate to the Grandma references and picture them and smell the smells. We had a great time as kids!!