Day 16 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and pictures of Katie

Halloween decorating isn't complete without ghostly lighting. I got these LED lights at in the post-Halloween discount bin. They really aren't good for anything. But I do like the blue light. They blink in three different rhythms or they can be set to emit like continuously.
Remember that needlepunch witch's hat I showed off yesterday? I finished it! Needlepunch is so fast. The instructions for this pattern also provide a pattern for a cat and a pumpkin, which I will do eventually (as soon as I procure some more black embroidery floss. I am almost out of black--how unprepared am I?)
As I promised (and then subsequently didn't follow through yesterday) I have pictures of Katie. She is in the gold dress. As maid of honor, she got the special color. The young woman (I cannot yet call her a woman because I've known her all her life and I kinda still think of her as a little girl) who got married is the daughter of good friends of ours, Doug and Stacey. Lauren and Katie have maintained a relationship even though they only played together when they were very little (we moved to Portland when Katie was 21 months and moved away only two years later).

Katie went to Washington (state) where Lauren lives for the wedding and spent a week helping prepare. Here she models some of the flowers she helped turn into boutonnières, bouquets, and corsages. Stacey owns a flower shop and did all the arranging of flowers.
So you see, my daughter is alive and doing things. Hi Katie!

Last night, Paul, as a part of the freshman marching band, marched at a football game. I was there, with scarf and hot cocoa, to see him play. I've pointed him out in the photo for you. You're welcome.
He wore short sleeves. I encouraged him to dress warmer, but he dashed off without listening to me. He was cold. Very cold. But he had his running tights on underneath his pants so he was somewhat protected. This was the first football game I've gone to since Katie was in the marching band and I missed her. It's nice to go see Paul though. The best thing about sitting in the 40 degree nighttime weather was having a thermos full of hot cocoa. Actually, my thoughts were more along the line of "Hmmm. I want some hot cocoa. What excuse can I come up with for drinking several cups of it from a thermos? I know, I'll go to a high school football game!" Ha. The thermos worked REALLY WELL at keeping my cocoa steamin' hot. I saved a little for Paul so he could warm up his internal organs after he marched. He was grateful for it and chugged it down. I think he left a couple tablespoons in the thermos and this morning when I poured it out, it was still steamin'. I raise my cuppa cocoa to vacuum (not the appliance but the state of space that has nothing in it. Nothing as in absolutely nothing--no molecules, etc), which keeps cocoa warm in a thermos! Nature may abhor you, dear vacuum, but I love you!


Jen said…
Oooh, I like your witchy hat thingy. I'd like to know more about that technique so's I can make my own one day. I finally made my kitchen and living room Roman shades and will posting pictures soon.

Katie looks beautiful! I love those bangs on her. Living is UT seems to be doing her wonders:)

Poor Paul! Hasn't he learned yet about living in MN? Mike does the same kind of stuff, but he acts like he's not cold. Whatev!

Can you guess where this from?

Oh, I'm picking out a thermos for you.
Not an ordinary thermos for you.
But the extra best thermos you can buy
with vinyl and stripes and a cup built right in.

I'm picking out a thermos for you
and maybe a barometer, too.
and what else can I buy so on me you'll rely
and a rear-end thermometer, too.
Jake said…
Jen, it sounds like Shel Silverstein, but I couldn't be sure.

Sara, I do the same thing almost every morning until the snow starts. "Anna, it's 37 degrees out, are flip flops a good choice today?"
"I'll be fine." she says.
Then when she arrives home, "are your toes cold?"
"Yeah, I shoulda wore shoes."
Next morning, "Kayla, it's 35 degrees out, do want to wear something over the skin tight t-shirt?"
"No, I'll be fine."
And on we go until it's -47 outside with a -1345.097 wind chill factor and the only thing open is the schools just 'cuz they let the buses run all night so they wouldn't have to worry about starting them. Then it becomes my job to find the mittens and boots and heavy jackets. You might comment that I didn't say "hats". That's because no self-respecting teenager would even dare wear a hat. What with the hair issue and all. But we all know that, we've all been there. It's nice to be all growed up and not have to worry about preening.

Paul, put on a shirt.