Day 26 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and trunk or treat picture dump

We are winding down the HDSF, folks! Less than a week remains! What will you do without a bit of Halloween decoration cheer? Anyone wanna come over and help me put all away? No? I offer brownies.

Every Halloween, I get out the Halloween magazines. I have saved these four because Matt and Hayley like to look at them. I want you to know that the only time these magazines have EVER been fanned out is for this picture. Seriously, my coffee table is NEVER this clean and the magazines are usually piled underneath fake child's toys.

This picture is for Bessie. See? I made them! I let fake child take some home.

Step Two in the Great Room Switch: Clean out the room formerly inhabited by the girls. See the mess? It is truly awful. I have hauled out four boxes full of trash and I'm making Hayley go through all the stuff to keep and she is putting it all away. There is 18 years worth of Katie's leftovers in that room. I found two long lost items--Katie's mini album from her senior picture session (found in a plastic pumpkin bucket) and a favorite earring of mine that has been missing for over FOUR YEARS. I thought that earring was lost forever but THANK GOODNESS I was too attached to the one I had to ever throw it away. Now I have the pair back again! I have no idea what it was doing in Katie's ceramic bowl.

This is a clean corner in that room. It took over an hour for me to get it to look like that.
Am I torturing you with a excruciatingly long post? I'm not going to apologize.

Last night was our ward's trunk or treat party. The kids were supposed to dress up as their favorite scripture person. Sadly I don't have the time to cater to their wishes for extravagance and demand for attention to detail. I hauled out what costumery we had and told Matt and Hayley to pick from the pile. Hayley found the angel costume and she was good to go with that. She didn't wear the halo because either Magic or Servo had found it, chewed on it, and regurgitated it back up after Hayley had left it on the stairs. So no halo for the Hayley.
Matt wanted to be a hockey-playing shepherd. Har har, the hockey stick is just cuz we didn't have a proper shepherd's crook. And the crumpled things on his overlay are his paper sheep. We didn't have proper sheep so we had to turn to Google Images and find us a picture of a sheep. And then we printed, cut out, and stapled the sheep to his overlay.
Paul ran one of the games with his friends. They would have had more fun but they had to entertain a bunch of little kids with Pin the Nose on the Prophet.
And I decorated the trunk of my van for the trunk or treat portion of the party.Doesn't it look lovely? I had lights plugged into the car, candles lit, and LED flashy thingies draped around the seat backs and head rests. It was very festive. I got many compliments. I also got the van jumped afterwards because I DRAINED THE VAN'S BATTERY. Prettiness always comes with a cost, doesn't it? A couple of the men chuckled when, with reddened face, I admitted that I couldn't start my car. "That's what you get!" they said. I replied that it was WORTH IT and handed them the jumper cables and told them to make themselves useful. OK not really. Yes, I drained the battery with my overzealous festivity, but there was only a very brief gentle ribbing and I didn't have to order anyone to do anything. Joe and Reese were very helpful. Thanks guys!

Despite the brief setback, we had fun.


Jen said…
Wow, what a post. Looks like Hayley still has a lot of work ahead of her to get that room empty.

Ha, pin the nose on the prophet. That's funny! The kids look cute in their scripture costumes.

What are those treats? If it's chocolate, then I want one.
kate said…
What are you talking about "messy room?" It looks tons cleaner than when I last saw it.

Yeah, that's a wicked cool job decorating the car.
Karie said…
Awwww, your trunk looks AWESOME!! I wanted to decorate our trunk this year, but we're in a new place, in a new ward that we're not even sure we'll be in next month, and the Trunk-or-Treat was a tri-ward mishmash. It's only their third year--they need some practice.

How did this turn into my whining? Anyway, FABULOUS job on your trunk. It looks like you had a ton of fun. And congrats on recovering your favorite earring!
froggybaby said…
Your trunk really beats mine. My trunk was decorated by me sitting in it. It was a busy weekend. That was one thing that got pushed off. At least I had candy. Your van looked great. The costumes were cute, too. I don't know that I'd be so excited about dressing up as scripture characters because then we'd have to find TWO costumes per year.