Day 22 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and Lego instructions

Spiders. They cause my heart to palpitate, my hands to get clammy, my vision to go swimmy, and I squeal like a little girl.
All except for Ned here. I can deal with Neddy, even though he's probably the biggest spider in my house. Fortunately, Neddy doesn't creep up on me unawares, he doesn't scuttle towards my feet when I enter the bathroom and he doesn't walk around on the ceiling just over my head. He doesn't hide in the piles of laundry and wait for me to dig through, only to scare me half to death when I uncover him. He doesn't hide in the folds of my sweater. Neddy is a good guest. He stays in one place (where Matt hangs him, from underneath the dining room cupboards) he never moves unless acted upon by one of us or by the breeze. Matt is Neddy's creator, and insists on bringing him out every year for Halloween.

Speaking of Matt and creating things, Matt used birthday money to by (yet another) Lego set. And this is the very first page of the instructions:
Apparently, you aren't supposed to put Legos out to pasture. Or is the advice don't leave them out on the carpeting (which I agree with completely. I still have scars on the bottoms of my feet from stepping on Legos concealed in the dark of night or the depth of the pile of the carpet)? However, Legos thrive on tabletops. They look much happier on the table than they do on the carpet/in the grass, don't they?

Matt was awarded his Bear badge in scouts. Notice he is wearing the tan shirt of the Webelos Scout now. Yes, he has entered his last year of Cub Scouting. Hayley moves her stuff into the new room. I still have to paint the bed.
Paul goes to a church dance.
Jimmy checks his email before the dance.


Jen said…
Ish, I don't like spiders either. Ned is okay, I guess, but I don't want him near my premises. Your kids all look great.
froggybaby said…
I love the LEGO carpet picture. They are all drowning in carpet. They need saving. Boys look spiffy, even Matt in his Webelo shirt!
kate said…
hayley's room is coming along really well. is it clean? finished?