Day 9 of the Halloween Decoration Special Feature and I PAINTED LAST NIGHT

Another Halloween decorations duo. I added captions.I made them. I intended for the one on the right to look scary, but he came out looking peeved. Maybe he's angry that I gave him pointy teeth with a massive overbite. Oh well. If I ever am really desperate for food, I'll open him up. He's not filled with pumpkin seeds, he's got pinto beans in him. Maybe that accounts for his look--he's suffering from an acute case of gastric distress. And the other pumpkin fears the inevitable "outburst."

The maple tree in the side yard has finally decided to get with the program of autumn. Can't wait to jump in a pile of those leaves!

Lookie, lookie, lookie!
The paint color? Colgate (Crest? Aquafresh?) Spearmint with Tartar Control! Ha, not really. But it does reek of toothpasty color, doesn't it? I can almost smell the cleansing aroma of toothpaste in the room. The above picture shows Jim painting, but in reality, I did most of it. Although he got to do all the hard parts--above the cupboards and cutting in up by the ceiling.

Hayley gets in on the action, although she didn't last long. She said her hands and arms started to hurt. Carpal tunnel from cutting in? Whatever.
And this is what the room looks like now. The paint looks kinda blotchy but that's because it wasn't completely dry.
We finish cutting in today (hopefully) and then we paint blue polka dots on the dark wall.

And think fast thoughts for Paul who is going to the conference cross country meet this evening. Neither of us parents will be able to watch the meet, sadly. Paul is fine with that. I'll be able to watch the Shakopee meet though.


Jake said…
Sara, great toothpaste colors. Do you think Mike will like it then? FYI, I have procured your requested amount of roast beast. I actually made it even easier for you when you go to cook. It's already all seasoned and marinated (for 1 day) and ready to go for the cooking. It even smelled good raw. Ma said she didn't have room in her freezer so I'll have to store it at my place. How is it that Mom, who has a grand total of one person to cook for, has no room in her freezer. It's probably filled with microwave pizzas and popsicles.
I am salivating for the roast beast already! Email an amount to me and I'll send funds equal to that amount to your mailbox. You'll be responsible for picking it up out of the mailbox yourself.

I happen to know she's got like 30 boxes of Hot Pockets in her freezer. And some frozen lard.

I can hear her huffing and rolling her eyes at us already.
Karie said…
Your minorly irritated pumpkin reminded me that I intended to recommend some Terry Pratchett books to you: Small Gods, The Wyrd Sisters, and Guards! Guards! (I think that's the first Nightwatch book.)

The room is really shaping up!
ooooh, thanks Karie. I desperately need some new books to read and new authors to latch onto. I have heard of Terry Pratchett, but then I always forget every time I'm in a place that offers books for my use.
froggybaby said…
The room is looking lovely. Maddie has a mint julep room and we love it. I'll bet it is nice to get to that point of the project!! And, my $.02 on the Halloween decor - tres fab. Love the fabric choices!!
Jen said…
It's okay to have a peeved pumpkin amongst all your other decorations. He adds character. I like the minty fresh room, too. Will the walls be lickable and have a mint chocolate chip ice-cream flavor?